Las Vegas Advertising Photography

Las Vegas Advertising Photographer

Shay Velich specializes in Advertising, Architectural and Interior Design Photography for Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

To complete the experience and services of his world renowned Architectural and Interior Design Photography, Shay has been photographing Advertising and Commercial work more than 10 years for Magazines, Billboards and Advertising campaigns.


Here are few case studies for his recent work:


Pool and Lifestyle:

3 Different clients, same theme, and concept,

  1. We aimed to showcase the day pool of the famous day club at the Tropicana Las Vegas, Getting ready for the summer season, bright, colorful and luxurious cabanas.
  2. The second one was a co-op between a luxurious Spa and leading sun protection company, Fashionable, aesthetic and relaxed environment.
  3. The last image reflects a beauty shoot for big cosmetic company to lunch a new waterproof product.

Day and Night:

The Luxurious development in Henderson by Ascaya, is truly one of a kind lifestyle experience residential living.

We world renowned architects, interior designers and unique views to the Valley of Las Vegas.

Our goal was to emphasize the day and night, family and friendly upscale living lifestyle.

Our studio produced the shoots, from talent acquisition, makeup, hair, and styling professionals, working closely with our client and advertising agency.

and of course the photography.


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Development-Photographer Ascaya

Ascaya Henderson, NV

If you haven’t seen or know yet what is Ascaya, You are probably missing one of the most unique, luxury development and Las Vegas valley views you will ever see.

Ascaya is a collection of 313 luxury estate homesites poised atop a monument of spiraling stone. Rising nearly 1,000 feet above the valley floor to a total elevation of more than 3,000 feet, the homesites

have been carefully orchestrated to welcome the most impressive views of the entire Las Vegas valley. Ascaya’s prime location is the premier choice in next-generation upscale custom homes and our exacting standards will usher in a new era of Las Vegas luxury living.


Wait, there is more, Ascaya also has a gorgeous clubhouse that will provide a relaxed, elegant, and exclusive environment to socialize and unwind. Solar roof, terraced gardens, inviting pools and the finest finishes surround you, all designed to fulfill the desires of discriminating owners.


Learn more about Ascaya, and see more of our architectural photography in Ascaya. or learn more about Shapiro and Sher group.

Best of Houzz Photographers

Best of Houzz Photographer 2017

Shay Velich and Velich Studios Awarded Best Of Houzz Architectural & Interior Design Photographer 2017

Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Building, Remodelling and Photographers in North America and Around the World

January 17, 2017 – Shay Velich and Velich Studios has won “Best Photographer” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodelling and design. The innovative photos of Velich Studios were chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodelling and design industry professionals.

“We were very excited to receive our award from Houzz. Many of our clients swear by Houzz for their design inspiration and we are proud to have been recognised by this amazing community!” Shay Velich

Been chosen as one of the best architectural photographers is a great honour, It’s a great opportunity to thank our clients that choose us for documenting their projects across the US and beyond.


About Shay Velich

Shay Velich is a High-End Advertising, Architectural, and Interior Design Photographer. His work has been featured in publications and magazines worldwide. One of the industry’s most sought-after photographers, Shay has worked in Europe, South America and all over the United States. Most recently Velich has shot projects in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Colorado, and the Caribbean. Shay opened his Las Vegas Studio in 2014 and expanded to a Los Angeles location in 2015.

Today he is best known for his high-end commercial photographs with a one-of-a-kind look.  Now at the top of his profession, Shay has worked with world renowned Hotels and Resorts, Leading Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and Luxury Realtors worldwide.


Los Angeles, Interior Design Photographer

Interior Photographer Los Angeles



We recently spent 2 days shooting a spectacular design in Calabasas (Los Angeles area). This residence was a modest 4200sf but the design was one of the most luxurious we have ever seen!  Beautiful textiles, wall decor and custom furniture pieces.  The design had a fantastic flow.

As always, we made sure to make great use of the amazing light in the space. With our professionally placed lighting enhancements we were able to highlight key pieces in the space and optimize the designer’s vision.

Remember our portfolio includes luxury homes, hotels, casinos, upscale retail stores, and some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  We have the experience and expertise to create magazine-worthy images of any high-end interior design project.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles Interior Design Photographer or Interiors Photography – we are here for you!

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Las Vegas Architecture Photographer

Los Angeles Architectural Photographer

Architectural Photographer in Los Angeles

Our Studio started operating in Los Angeles in the Mid 2015, 

Our goal with this shoot was to provide a very high-end commercial look for a highly sought-after architect in Beverly Hills.  The main objective was to show the indoor/outdoor

It was a pleasure to spend three days shooting this magnificent property. 

There is nothing like working with world renowned Architects that have a clear vision for how they want their space highlighted.  The clients will utilize the photos for commercial use for architectural and interior design sales and publications.

The results of the shoot were spectacular! And those project has been published around the world, Architectural Photographer Shay Velich had the honor winning with those pictures Houzz 2017 Best photographers of the year.

See more of our The twilight shots in our Los Angeles Architectural Photographer Gallery.


Las Vegas Hotel Photographer

Architectural Photographer in Reno, NV

Hotel Photographer in Reno, NV:

This time we packed all the gear and headed to Reno.

The assignment was to capture two stunning new restaurants at one of Reno’s most beautiful resorts. 

Most hotel and resort shoots are scheduled during non-peak or low occupancy times so as not to interfere with the activity and guests of the hotel.

Shooting an expansive space required a detailed tour and staging.  The shoot started at 2am

We shot through the night and early morning.  We were excited to provide unique views and angles to ensure we met the expectations of the client.

The shoot began with capturing the beautiful entrance of the buffet that continued to the salad bar and towards luxury sitting areas.

Our goal was not only to photograph the interior design, but also to enhance the architectural elements of the venue.

We knew this first part of our shoot had to be tailored to the client’s desire to use the photos for advertisement purposes. 

There was a second night of shooting which was dedicated to detailed restaurant imagery. The objective of this portion of the shoot was to capture lifestyle photography for commercial purposes.  Another long shoot that went very well.  

We are glad we had the opportunity to provide hotel and lifestyle photography to this stunning property in Reno, Nevada.

We specialize not only in architectural and interior design photography services, but can also stage and shoot lifestyle photos to compliment your space/project.

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Casino and Hotel Photographer

Casino Photographer

Casino Photographer

We love to travel!  In early October we were asked to come to beautiful BlackHawk, Casino in Denver, Colorado to photograph the interior design of a newly renovated casino.

The objective of the shoot was to capture design elements and the unique decor of the property.

Our goal was not to interfere with the activity of the hotel and casino, so we photographed during non-peak/low occupancy times.

An extensive tour ensued.  We walked the full hotel, casino, as well as all the bars and restaurants.  The shoot started at 1:00 am and ended at nearly 4 am.  We were able to get great shots and used some unique lighting techniques to highlight the depth and textures of the eclectic design. 

The next day we shot yet another stunning Colorado property.  This property was designed and built by the same client.  This shoot was more about the architecture of the hotel rooms and the design of the rooms and suites.


The client wanted us to emphasise the modern style and luxurious elements of the resort. The clients will utilise the photos for commercial use for architectural and interior design submissions for competitions and publications.

After two days working night to dawn, we captured the beautiful images of the casino.

Our studio is working with leading hotels and resorts with premium casinos across the United States, from Las Vegas, Reno to Colorado and more.

There is no such thing as a Casino Photographer, we specialise in Architectural and Interior Design Photography for Hotels, Resorts and Casinos, on enhance the guest experience and attract more players visiting your property.

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Retail Store Photographer in Los Angeles

Retail Photographer in Las Vegas


A retail space is tricky to shoot.  The focus is completely different from an architectural or design shoot.   We’ve shot for Victoria Secret, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Timberland, Factory 54, Bobbi Brown just to name a few.  When shooting retail our mission is usually to show the flow through the space, highlight the design and give the “viewer” the feeling of experiencing a shopping fantasy while viewing the photo of your space.  

We’ve experienced great success with our retail shoots and seen them published in amazing publications. 

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Interior Design Photographer in Los Angeles

Interiors Photographer in Las Vegas


We at Velich Studio know you spend time, money and effort creating beautiful interiors for both your residential and commercial clientele. 

You need high-quality interior design photography to sell your vision.  Don’t settle for renderings or low quality photos.  This will reflect poorly on all your hard work!  

Let us showcase your work in the ‘best light’.  🙂

What differentiates us from other photographers is our experience.  We make exceptional use of light and space, revealing the full beauty of the interior of your commercial or residential project in a way no one else can.  Our photos are vibrant and showcase architectural lines, design textures, and other details missed by most commercial photographers.  

We create magazine-worthy images of any high-end interior design project, we also had the honor to win Houzz 2017 best photographers for interiors photography


Restaurant Photographer in Los Angeles

Restaurant Photographer Las Vegas


Restaurants and Night Clubs are such fun to shoot!  Due to many lighting challenges, especially in Night Clubs, we are able to use our full array of lights and flashes to obtain highly impactful and effective imagery. 

The nightclub and restaurant industry is highly competitive.  New venues seem to pop up everyday.  It is critical to show a clear separation from other competitors and appeal to the emotional decision of going out and spending their top dollars.

If you need amazing visuals for advertising, social media or editorial, you can count on us for high caliber prints!  It’s imperative that you have visuals that match the expectation of the project.  Don’t get caught trying to market a million dollar space with $500 photos!  Believe us, Architectural Digest isn’t going to publish your project with if you provide average photos.   

CHECK OUT OUR Las Vegas Restaurant Photographer PORTFOLIO

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