4. Architectural Photographer

A living work of art, CAVU is designed with scrupulous attention to detail and a range of stunning natural materials. Built in complete harmony with its natural surroundings, this luxury custom home offers you the opportunity to live in your own private resort.

CAVU features 5 Bedrooms, 9 Bathrooms, a 3 Car garage and over 13,000SF of luxuriously designed living space.

Architectural Photography experience at CAVU.

Our job as the architectural photographer’s of this project, was to capture this modern marvel over the course of 3 days.

The First day was dedicated to the architectural photography aspect of the structure while the other two days were reserved to capture the interior design of the main house and it’s separate multi guest/casita.

The architectural aspect was quite complex.  This custom home is over half an acre with a massive roof inspired by and of the same dimensions of an airplane wing!

We started with the stunning front exterior to showcase the size of the property.  This area features custom , stainless-steel and award-winning desert landscaping.  We were fortunate enough to capture the back courtyard during twilight, which allowed us to showcase the zen and resort-style feel.

“As an architectural photographer, I put the mark not only the modern architecture, but also on the landscape architecture and custom features, this is critical.” says Shay.

From the Interior Design Photography perspective, there is over 13,000sf of stunning detail to appreciate and capture.  From a real estate perspective, simply catching each side of the home would not have done justice to the cutting edge design of this marvel.

Other notable creative achievements include capturing the gourmet kitchen, multi living space, master bedroom with custom gym, spa, private bowling alley, custom bar and home cinema.

“Living” those 3 days in this luxury retreat allowed us to capture and experience those beautiful spaces at their best.

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