Hotel Photographer in Las Vegas

Hospitality Photographer in Las Vegas


Most travelers have a shortlist for their vacation.  It is critical to appeal to the emotional side of their experience.  Now a days guests have a very high demand of any Hotels/Resorts where they are choosing to spend their hard-earned money.

Here at Velich Studio we make sure to take the time that is necessary to capture the “mood” of your space in order to achieve compelling images that touch that create that special emotional connection from your potential guest. 

We’ve had the pleasure of shooting resorts all over the world from Europe to Asia, and, of course, the US. 

One of the best tips we can give you for choosing a photographer, is to make sure the photographer you choose can capture images that are better than those of your best competitors!  

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Las Vegas Advertising Photographer

Advertising Photographer Las Vegas

Lifestyle and Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.*

We do not focus on models or food we focus on the EXPERIENCE of the space.

Here are few tips for your Lifestyle Photo shoot:

  1. Restaurants – Nowadays it’s not just about great food.  You have to show a full entertainment experience.  It’s important to think about incorporating commercial photos highlighting key areas. Is your venue best for outside dining?  Socializing with friends? Romantic dinners?  Your photos should emphasize whatever it is you are known for.
  2. Hotels and Resorts – Help your costumeIrs visualize their upcoming vacation lifestyle photos.  Lifestyle photos can be used to emphasize the experience of spaces from the pool to the spa, the rooms and suites to casino or entertainment spaces.
  3. Real Estate – When it comes to Luxury real estate its not size that matters, with multi-million dollar properties it’s all about the experience, having visuals that incorporate people in the pool, dining room and kitchen or even having coffee in the morning will help your costumers imagine themselves in the home.
  4. Casino – Who doesn’t want the chance to earn money in a casino?  Show the guest their favorite slots and table games with attractive people having a blast!  This, more than anything will get guests to want to come to your place.
  5. Night and Day Clubs – Opening a luxury Night or Day Club is not an easy task, the competition is very high.  It is great to showcase VIP areas and the dance floor with top of the line sound and light systems incorporating people enjoy their time and having a cocktail.  Your lifestyle models should be the same demographic as the clientle you are trying to attract!

Even if we are doing an architectural or interior design photo shoot, we can provide lifestyle imagery to compliment the project.

You can see some of our work under Advertising and Lifestyle gallery.