Casino Photographer

Casino Photographer

We love to travel!  In early October we were asked to come to beautiful BlackHawk, Casino in Denver, Colorado to photograph the interior design of a newly renovated casino.

The objective of the shoot was to capture design elements and the unique decor of the property.

Our goal was not to interfere with the activity of the hotel and casino, so we photographed during non-peak/low occupancy times.

An extensive tour ensued.  We walked the full hotel, casino, as well as all the bars and restaurants.  The shoot started at 1:00 am and ended at nearly 4 am.  We were able to get great shots and used some unique lighting techniques to highlight the depth and textures of the eclectic design. 

The next day we shot yet another stunning Colorado property.  This property was designed and built by the same client.  This shoot was more about the architecture of the hotel rooms and the design of the rooms and suites.


The client wanted us to emphasise the modern style and luxurious elements of the resort. The clients will utilise the photos for commercial use for architectural and interior design submissions for competitions and publications.

After two days working night to dawn, we captured the beautiful images of the casino.

Our studio is working with leading hotels and resorts with premium casinos across the United States, from Las Vegas, Reno to Colorado and more.

There is no such thing as a Casino Photographer, we specialise in Architectural and Interior Design Photography for Hotels, Resorts and Casinos, on enhance the guest experience and attract more players visiting your property.

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