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We recently spent 2 days shooting a spectacular design in Calabasas (Los Angeles area). This residence was a modest 4200sf but the design was one of the most luxurious we have ever seen!  Beautiful textiles, wall decor and custom furniture pieces.  The design had a fantastic flow.

As always, we made sure to make great use of the amazing light in the space. With our professionally placed lighting enhancements we were able to highlight key pieces in the space and optimize the designer’s vision.

Remember our portfolio includes luxury homes, hotels, casinos, upscale retail stores, and some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  We have the experience and expertise to create magazine-worthy images of any high-end interior design project.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles Interior Design Photographer or Interiors Photography – we are here for you!

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Architectural Photographer in Los Angeles

Our Studio started operating in Los Angeles in the Mid 2015, 

Our goal with this shoot was to provide a very high-end commercial look for a highly sought-after architect in Beverly Hills.  The main objective was to show the indoor/outdoor

It was a pleasure to spend three days shooting this magnificent property. 

There is nothing like working with world renowned Architects that have a clear vision for how they want their space highlighted.  The clients will utilize the photos for commercial use for architectural and interior design sales and publications.

The results of the shoot were spectacular! And those project has been published around the world, Architectural Photographer Shay Velich had the honor winning with those pictures Houzz 2017 Best photographers of the year.

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Architectural Photographer in Las Vegas


Architectural photography is an art in itself, and photography that focuses on larger homes and high-end architectural projects is an even more specific art.  High-end homes and architectural projects require more than just commercial appeal.  

We had the pleasure of shooting a $30M home in the Las Vegas valley.  The unique home also featured a “sky-bridge” design and incredible outdoor water feature and landscaping.  

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