Architectural Photographer in Reno, NV

Hotel Photographer in Reno, NV:

This time we packed all the gear and headed to Reno.

The assignment was to capture two stunning new restaurants at one of Reno’s most beautiful resorts. 

Most hotel and resort shoots are scheduled during non-peak or low occupancy times so as not to interfere with the activity and guests of the hotel.

Shooting an expansive space required a detailed tour and staging.  The shoot started at 2am

We shot through the night and early morning.  We were excited to provide unique views and angles to ensure we met the expectations of the client.

The shoot began with capturing the beautiful entrance of the buffet that continued to the salad bar and towards luxury sitting areas.

Our goal was not only to photograph the interior design, but also to enhance the architectural elements of the venue.

We knew this first part of our shoot had to be tailored to the client’s desire to use the photos for advertisement purposes. 

There was a second night of shooting which was dedicated to detailed restaurant imagery. The objective of this portion of the shoot was to capture lifestyle photography for commercial purposes.  Another long shoot that went very well.  

We are glad we had the opportunity to provide hotel and lifestyle photography to this stunning property in Reno, Nevada.

We specialize not only in architectural and interior design photography services, but can also stage and shoot lifestyle photos to compliment your space/project.

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