Architectural Photography for an Los Angeles mansion

Mega mansions are becoming more popular than ever, but one thing has changed.

We no longer see dozens of rooms and bathrooms, the trend has shifted to less rooms but the size has stayed the same.

Exterior Architectural Photography

After counting the property I always start with photographing the exterior architectural elements in day time.

While this angle is less traditional we wanted to in corporate not only the house and the metal feature but also the multi garages attached to this mansion.

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Interior Photography of the Living Room

When you enter to this modern space you can find one of two living rooms.

I chose to photograph this space to incorporate the living room, fireplace, and a hint to the other sitting areas and many windows that surround this home.

While it still was day time we wanted to show the intimacy of the space and unique light fixtures.


Photographing the kitchen is never an easy task.

multiple materials and finishes make the photographers job harder.

As we have a double island kitchen i photographed it in an angle to showcase booth spaces and a hint to the wine room on the side.

The kitchen cabinets with bright wood and reflective surface had to be photographed with different techniques in order to see them best.

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Master Bedroom

No matter if we photograph architecture in LA or in NYC, there’s nothing more important than the master suite of the owner.

We avoided photographing the views of the room due to dust storm and we shifted the focus to the bright feeling.

With studio lighting we created the direction of light imitating  a great sunny day.

Home Theatre

Before finishing the day we captured the home theatre in the lower level.
While home theatre are hard to photograph due to their light absorbing material and dark finishes. 
We used studio lighting to enhance the dark walls and create a mood of intimacy and luxury. 

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Twilight Exterior Photoshoot

Before we packed our gear traveling out of LA and into our next architectural photography assignment in NYC.

We captured the exterior in twilight, over 150 images were captured and combined to create this photo.

Showing the sunset, exterior structure, landscape and a peak view to the interior was our goal.

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