Connecting Architecture to Interior Design with Photography

There is no inside without the outside and vice versus, the in and out are the yin and yang of what we call home. 

Photographing a space for an architect or an interior designer always meets in the middle as both complete each other. 

While many designers and architects want to focus on the soul part of their profession (structure and interior) I always recommend my clients to share the entire project and experience of the client in the space. 

A Kitchen expensive or not, unique or not is still a kitchen and it can be anywhere in the world, we must convey to the viewer that we ( the designers and architects) can create their dream home in the place they want to live.

Here are few samples from our recent photoshoot for interior designer Fabiola Avelino

Living room:

It was important for me as the architectural photographer to incorporate both the interior and architecture elements, by showing the high ceilings and a sneak view to the dining area and the upper floor connecting the living room modern design to the entire home. 

Beyond the lavish interior design, you know as a view have the information that this luxury home has two floors, high ceilings and open space that connect the living room to the dining area. 

Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room
Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room

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Modern Dining Room with Producer Chairs
Modern Dining Room with Producer Chairs

Dining Area:

Beyond the glamours director chairs, custom dark oak table in the dining area and the modern chandelier a great example of how to connect architecture to design is by framing the shoot.

Cutting the table in the frame was done in order to capture booth the luxury flooring and custom ceiling, but more importantly, it was done to include the tri-view.

As we focus on lifestyle and not “real estate” anymore, it was important to connect the design to the home and the home to the environment by showcasing the pool, lake and golf course (tri-view).


What a better way to great your great guests with a grand piano by Steinway and sons, a striking red rug and a sophisticated sitting chair.

This architectural picture was taken in an angle that will show the grand entrance and the grand piano at the same time. 

The swirling staircase is an architectural element by itself that brings another element to the wow effect when you step in this custom home.

It took us over an hour to find the right perspective to emphasis both the interior and the architecture and to light, the scene as “natural light” wraps the room and highlight the curves of the staircase.

Steinway & Sons Piano in an Ultra Modern Entryway
Steinway & Sons Piano in an Ultra Modern Entryway

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Architecture and Design is going hand by hand, and titles as architectural or interior design photographers can’t change the fact that we always have to capture the “big picture” focus on the design as much as the architecture and to deliver a lifestyle experience, a sense of location and use of space to our viewers. 

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