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Furniture Lighting and Appliances Photographer

At Velich Studio we specialize in Interior Design and Commercial Photography for Custom and Luxury Furniture, Lighting, and Appliances Manufactures.

Upscale product and art piece photography are exactly what you need to increase exposure and boost sales.

Photographing Furniture, Lighting, and Appliances requires many technical skills.

Understanding the product design and use, functionality, and relation in the space.

From portfolio to catalogs you can rest assured that our interior and product photography capabilities are stepping up the game in the industry.

Photographing Products in an Interior Design Environment requires both knowledges of interior design and also product photography.

Each product is offering a big variety of finishes, colors, and surfaces that make them special.

Prior to starting to work, we will review your products and guidelines. Understand the use and how it integrates into the space.

As in any of our high-end interior design visuals, we will put extra attention to your product and make sure it gets its highlight in the space.

It is important to remember that the right type of image that sells your product matters and not only the beautiful ones.

Furniture Manufactures aims to showcase your product in the best lighting possible, giving your potential clients the feeling” i want this also ”

Understanding the Use and Functionality, finishes, details, and colors are crucial for a successful image.

Creating a compelling shoot that tells a story and highlights your product in the environment.

In the Lighting and Light Fixture industry, we provide on-location services booth in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects to showcase the use and design of your lighting.

It’s important to highlight your product in the environment, and showcase its quality, material, surface, installation, and color.

On-location lighting fixture photography will allow your clients to understand the design and use elements in their own space making your fixture a work of art and design and not “just another product”

Appliances Manufacturers require attention to detail, and experience in working with shiny and stainless steel materials to provide high-end visuals no matter the cost of the product.

Incorporating appliances in their true environment is crucial to showcase how they look within the design and space.

More than that it’s important to highlight them and give them the proper focus with attention to details of use, color, and esthetics.

As an interior design product photographer, I know how to tackle any environment and any visual need.

On location, Clients’ Location, and Studio build-up we will make your product imagery at the top of the industry level.

From in real environment to studio build-up. We can elevate your commercial imagery.

We look forward to helping you create your catalog, advertising, and visuals for your company.

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