Hospitality and Hotel Creative Marketing Ideas

How to market hotel in creative way

As a hotel architectural and interior design photographer working around the world from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas to New York and even Europe I ask myself how photography can improve creatively and financially the hospitality industry.

I always strive to bring more value to the table, even if I am not asked for.

But sometimes it just clear to me that many opportunities about photography in hospitality are being missed.

Today “Ambassadors”:

I noticed that in many hotels in the US, before you even get to the Taxi after checking out, you will get a short survey in your email and sometime even promotions to stay more or come back offer.

While most of those are not relevant to 99% of the people. 

We should try to think outside of the box and create brand ambassadors and not bother the guests 2 seconds after they left with 10 page survey and offers they will never use (who’s checking out in order to get a one night free or a “return” promotion for that is valid for 2 weeks)

Brand Ambassadors:

Most of your guest will photograph their experience during their stay, from the room trough the restaurants, casino, pool, spa and other amenities.

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Disadvantage of letting your customer shape your brand:

The big disadvantage is that your guest are not a hotel and lifestyle photographers, they just don’t care about esthetic or quality.

They care about capturing the experience with the “tools they got” (smartphone) as they go.

Why should I care?

Most people would ask themselves why should we care what our clients are doing, and the simple answer is that you are one and they are thousands.

They are going to snowball their experience to places you can’t control like reviews, friends, family, colleague, online websites, blogs and etc, multiply it by thousands and here you go.

So how can I make my guests do the marketing job for me?

You already invest on marketing, advertising, hotel photography and so on.

You already know (billing) where your guest has stayed

You already know where your guest spent his time with you (restaurant, shop, casino, etc)

So imagine this

Instead of you sending a survey and a promotion no one will use why don’t you create a marketing plan for your guest and let him do the job for you.

When you guest check out

You should send him an email we thank you for staying with us, and include automatically an upscale photo of all the places he was visiting and shopping in.

Starting with:

  • Hotel exterior (his first impression)
  • Room – his exact type of room
  • Hotel Amenities – Where ever they were visiting in (room charge?)
  • Restaurants, Casino, Shopping Mall, Stores and everything you know about your guest (Yes we know you know everything about your guest)

Snow ball is now rolling in your direction:

You guests know they are not hospitality photographers, they know their lifestyle photos are not even close to the real experience, so why don’t we help them share their experience trough tools we provide for them.

Before they got home, they should have 5-10 photos that they can send, share and review online getting thousands of people doing the right job for you

No Longer, People sending messy room photo, Bad lighting and crooked photos and not appetizing food shoots.

It’s not that difficult as you might think, so give it a try.

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