Choosing the right architectural photographer can mean a lot for your business and brand.

It translate hard working time, creation and execution of your project in a manner that translate to results.

Here are few things you might want to consider when choosing your photographer.

Much more than beautiful photos

Many architects and developers think they should measure their architecture photographer by beauty.

Although it’s true, The ultimate goal are photos that sells your work, services or property.

Architecture and design photography is a technical and experience based profession, there’s a difference between beautiful photos and the right photos.

Your next potential client has only few seconds to decide and be captured by a visual. This visual have to be right, meaning it should translate your work by incorporating the space, vision and usability.

Architects, Designers, Developers and Hotels invest a lot of money and time creating a space, from consultation, vision, drafts, planing to execution and supervision of the project that translate in hundreds or thousands of hours.

You should always ask yourself, does the photo translate all of the above? Would I take myself to the next project? Would my clients understand what I did and what I do different from all the competitors?

angled photos are the most hard to keep straight.

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Check the photographers portfolio

While many look on an architectural photographer portfolio to find the exact look and feel of similar project they are working on, the bigger picture counts.

Review all the photographers portfolio start to end, does the small projects looks as good as the bigger ones?

Does the budget projects look as good as the expensive ones? Does the photographer has quality consistency trough his portfolio?

All those elements counts, if you feel excited viewing his/her photos and they are consistent trough all of their projects you might found the photographer you are looking for.

Quality over Quantity

Your next client has few seconds to decide, like you, don’t have the time or power to read long emails, listing to a long lecture or hear the photographers life story, your clients don’t have the same time.

It’s been proven that less photos give more impact and translate to results, now I know every one wants more, but listen to the only person that know’s better and it’s you!

Did you ever see any of your favorite brands, service provider or product retailer use more than 1 photo per space? And more than 5-10 photos per project?

Try to think about “small brands” like McDonalds have you ever seen more than one photo of a burger? What about Ferrari? Have you seen more than a few photos in their campaign or ads? How about Watches and Bags, Yachts and Luxury Houses? All of them knows that less is more.

Having more than few photos get’s your client to try and find why he or she is not sure about making the “investment”.

Now don’t get me wrong, When we have large scale projects we do multiple photo days to get the clients more visuals to work with, the key is quality, photos that sells and not the same photo in more variations getting your client to try and compare.

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Local, National or International

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an architectural photographer in New York or an architectural photographer in Los Angeles or even Europe.

If you have the budget, take your photographer internationally, ultimately what counts is your consistent documentation of your project that leads to the same results of selling your product or services over and over again.

We have been blessed to work with clients all across the globe making sure their portfolio and brand has the consistency to do the same sales process and wining awards, publications and new clients keeping them “second to none”.

When I asked my client why you take me all over, for sure you can find a local photographer, they answered that what works you don’t change and the bigger picture does not measure in one exposure for a project, it measures by the overall impact of their work.

Bottom Line

Can you get the same or better photos than your best competitors ?

There is no good space in the middle, there is only one good place to be and it’s the top.

Help your next client fall in love in your projects and capture their commitment with nailing the right photos that get them to the feeling “ I want this “ and not how much does it cost.

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