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Kitchen Photographer

Kitchens are the most important room in any residential space, booth in functionality, appearance, and value, not forgetting the commercial and outdoor kitchens.

As a part of our many years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to take your semi-custom, custom, and imported visuals to the next level.

Photographing complex Kitchens

Photographing Kitchens is the most complex of all interiors spaces.

They have many different types of materials, colors,s, and finishes.

From Cabinetry, Countertops, Appliances, Furniture, Accessories, and many types of finishes.

Planing for the Photoshoot includes styling the space and making sure only essential accessories and small appliances are there if needed.

When capturing kitchen visuals our angles selections are minimal, straightforward to capture the entire design, side angle, or straightforward to capture elements that were not included in the main shoot and other sections and detail shoot as well.

The main shoot should incorporate the atmosphere of the space and design, the overall look of the entire or majority of the kitchen showcasing all elements in one visual.

No matter what style it is. From modern to farmhouse the images must translate value, design, and usability.

As modern design includes many varieties and use of materials, colors, and finishes, it’s important to highlight all of them at once.

Lighting shiny material can be a difficult task, but there are professional techniques to overcome this.

Handling Stainless Steel Appliances while Photographing a Kitchen

The second complicated task for the kitchen photographer is the stainless steel finishes and appliances as they are the most difficult to light in order to capture the shine and color due to reflections.

After we scout the space, understand its functionalities, and capture the images using artificial light to embellish the surface and details we must take into consideration the proper colors in the images.

Making the whites white, and removing overcast color from the exterior and interior lighting require great knowledge in post-production to make it right and not just to pull out all the colors and make it look like grey.

Adding warmth to those rich colors of wood mostly in farmhouse design is crucial to provide a warm feeling.

The growing trend of an outdoor kitchen is increasing, and they take a big part in many’s life.

They are mostly made from stainless steel due to weather impact it’s important we know how to capture this material as it holds many technical photography difficulties due to uneven reflecting surface.

The Benefits of Working with specialized Kitchen Photographer

Our years of experience in the industry allows us to provide high-end visual for manufacturers, designers, and projects.

No matter if you have an indoor or outdoor kitchen, if it’s on a client’s project, showroom, in-studio, or manufactured location we can deliver consistent results in a small footprint.

The most challenging aspects of our work, are the complexity of shining and reflective materials, archiving a cohesive look, natural colors, and esthetics that represent the design, counter, cabinets, lighting, appliances, and other carefully selected finishes.

Interior Design Photographer that has experience in Kitchen Photography, will invest a decent amount of time, in planning, lighting, and capturing the space, design, and environment, emphasizing the material, design, finishes, and appliances.

From the portfolio, catalogs, and advertising materials to lifestyle shoots in location and studio, we promise to deliver high-end visuals no matter where your project is.

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