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Photography for Commercial Architecture

Photographing Commercial Architecture can be a complex job, creatively lighting a large structure is always challenging but working with the direction of the sunlight and using creative tools can help overcome this challenge.

Architecture Commercial Photography

When it comes to professionally capturing commercial buildings and spaces, we can find a variety of categories including Entertainment, Offices, Academic, Leisure and many more.

Commercial Architectural Photographer would be your best choice to capture impact photos no matter if you are the an architects, designer or the space owner.

Capturing large structure is always a difficult task, as we can’t control the environment or creatively lighting the buildings with studio lighting.

The workaround for this task is working with daylight and twilight, planning the photoshoot and working with other creative tools will generate impactful imagery that translate to sale and build the reputation.

Commercial Architecture Types

Entertainment: Theatres, Venue Places, Malls, Shopping Centres and Plazas, GYM and more

Academic: Universities, Colleges, and Schools are also highly designed spaces.

Leisure: Clubs Houses, Golf Courses, Community Developments, and many more.

Offices: Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings, and even Government and public structures.

Ascaya Club House Project:

One of our well-known projects for commercial leisure space is Ascaya Club House by Swaback Partners Architecture Firm.

The three massive days were focusing on the architecture, design, environment, material, and usability of this ultra-modern clubhouse that serves the luxury tenants community at Ascaya.

It is important to showcase the project from different angles and times of the day, metaphorically explaining the use and offerings.

As we have done several photography days it was allowing the client to enjoy 3 twilight master photos of the front and the back and also many architectural detail shoots on top of the main high-end photos.

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