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Pricing for Photography

Pricing is a very broad subject and it varied between photographers based on their experience, knowledge, results, and type of work.

Before we dive into pricing and licensing, it’s important to do the right comparison between photographers based on their bodies of work, experience, and abilities.

Which photography pricing is best for you?

In terms of pricing per time, there are three main factors for pricing. And hourly rate, a day rate, and per image rate.

There is no “better” pricing structure, it mostly depend on the type of photography, equipment, resources, and usage. However, I will try to briefly review each one

Per Day: Most popular for most cases, when you need the flexibility to capture property a project, both the client and the photographer’s needs and flexibility are combined.

Per Hour: For small projects, when you know the timeframe and there are no out of your hand delays, For example, small renovations, space design updates or re-shoot.

Per Image: When the project is complex and there are different types of pictures needed. For example Hotel, Lifestyle or Commercial Photoshoot.

Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room
Ultra Modern Luxury Living Room

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Pricing for Interior Design Photography

Professional Interior Design Photographers mostly charge per working day and it includes:

8-10 high-end images, it includes the photographer’s time and talent, studio equipment, post-production after the photoshoot and licensing. 

A well experienced interior photographers rate/pricing is averaged $2000-$4000 a day based on his / her experience, the complexity of the work they are doing and the amount of post-production needed to master their crafts.  

Pricing for Architectural Photography

Professional Architectural Photographers also based their work per working day and includes: 

Exterior at day time and when the sun has set. Based on their experience and skills the average day rates range between $2,000.00-$4,000.00 and also includes their time, experience, studio equipment, post-production and licensing. 

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Pricing for Hotel Photography

When it comes to Professional Hotel Photographers pricing/rates it mostly based on an average industry day rate, but includes: 

Additional experience and expertise required for hospitality, incorporating other expenses such as liability insurance and extra gear as well post-production. The average industry rates range between $4,000-$8,000 a day and $800-$1,200 per photo depending on the licensing needs of the client.

Pricing for Bulk Project Work:

Most photographers will offer a reduce rate based on several working days and/or per image pricing when it comes to the large scale of projects, Capturing hotels and resorts or big development projects needs several working days and there for can enjoy a project discount most of the time.

It’s not the price, it’s the results you are paying for:

It’s important, even more than that it’s crucial to understand that ultimately the client is paying for results and not photos. 

Yes, the photographer is measured by beautiful images, but more than that, a good photographer is measured by the right type of photos that generate sales and engagement. Theres no reason to save on photos that don’t deliver the results you hired the photographers for.

Looking on the BIG Picture of Pricing of a Photographer

While budget is a budget, the overall pricing should reflect much more than beautiful photos. 

Don’t forget those pictures captured will serve you for many years to come, win. awards,  get published and acquiring new clients. 

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