The Impact of Retail Photography on Stores

It’s been over 15 years since I photographed the first retail store professionally.

What then started as a statement I made “I will make it look like a million dollars” was answered with “the store already cost us more than a million dollars”.

This lead me to better understand the impact of retail photography on retail store.

With online retail booming, retail photography matters more then ever.

Lifestyle Vs Retail Experience

Retail stores today are much more than just a selling product service, it’s a lifestyle experience starting from the facade towards the entrance and every coroner in the store.

Every major retailer already knows that retail photography of their stores by an experienced architectural photographer is crucial for the customer experience.

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The impact of retail store photographer on sales

As more people watch online when looking for or prior to going to a retail store they would be exposed to the store photography.

From google business listing, website store locator, social media or advertising the store photos matters.

As online sales increase its important than ever to allure the costumer to leave the screen and come to the store.

When people have a verity of products that they can touch and feel there are more likely to purchase in a larger scale and transmitting the experience trough imagery is crucial.

Preparation for retail store photoshoot

Most brands would use their planogram or merchandise designer prior a photoshoot.

Its important to remove any “sale” or seasonal branding in order to give the photos immortality, no matter when people will see the photos it will be up to date.

To save the valuable time of the photographer and most importantly the store prior to photoshoot its important to go trough the store and make sure everything front to end are organized and impeccable.

How to photograph a retail store

Architectural and Interior Design photographer that specializes in retail store photography would start with the front facade photo to associate the recognition of the brand and visibility of the store.

This is one of the most complex to do, as we have to avoid any reflection on the windows from other brands sings and also to elevate the inside of the store.

The second phase would be to photograph the main space from both sides to showcase the layout and the verity of products.

Finally we would photograph the main sections incorporating the design, materials, experience and the product.

Photographing a Jewelry and Watch store

Jewelry and watch store photography needs closer attention to shiny materials, reflections and details.

This is done by using different photography accessories and lighting techniques in combination with advance post production.

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Photographing a Fashion and Apparel Store:

Even when having many items on racks and shelves require proper staging by planogram or the store designer.

Keeping the right color of those items are crucial for proper representation of the brand and product. 

What time of the day should we photograph a retail store:

To minimize the interference to the store we always recommend unless needed otherwise to photograph retail store prior opening of after store closes.

It will allow to create more complex photos and not to disturb the customer while shopping.

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