Architectural Photography for Luxury Homes

One of the interesting things in now days, No matter where you are in the world, New York, Los Angeles, Europe or Asia is that the expectations that expensive things should look amazing in photos just because they are expensive.

What people might not understand, Is that a photo is a photo, and a cheap or luxury home does not have any influence on how the final photo would look like.

The photo should look like a million dollar

One of the challenges in architectural photography and in specific luxury home and hotels, is that the owner or designer already invested millions in planing, construction and design.

Looking like a million dollar wouldn’t cut it anymore.

The expectation of the client from the Architectural Photographer is that the photo would look as good or better than the real value of the home or space.

So, What can you expect from an Architectural Photographer when photographing luxury homes ?

As we said before a photo is just a photo, the camera, as expensive as it is will be also very limited, and the beautiful photos you are used to see in international magazines and billboard were NEVER photographed with “one click”.

Photographing luxury homes and hotels require lots of technical knowledge on top of a photographers eye, experience and know-how in order to translate the space for the right photo rather than just a beautiful one.

Your architectural photographer would know how to incorporate elements of design, build, finishes, views, location, lighting, moods, environment to a luxurious photos.

The Difference is within the Details

A one click photo is ending with one click on the shutter, one picture can’t capture the entire dynamic range or light, colors, materials and quality of design.

The photographer should focus on the small details in the big picture.

For example, in exterior architecture photography you should incorporate the location, views, architectural elements, landscape, finishes and much more in a single photo as your viewer are not immersed in the project as yourself and they only have few seconds to absorb your entire work in few seconds.

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So how does architectural photography impact on luxury home

Selling a home or architecture services are hard, but selling a luxury hotel experience or luxury home is very hard.

Your clients are feed by magazines, commercial and lifestyle trends, they no longer look for 4 walls and a celling.

They want to look on a photo that impact their guts feeling “ I want this also “. They want to be able to imagine themselves in that hot tub and entertain in that living room.

The right type of photos will also help to focus the client on the experience and not the price, as price be come minor when you fall in love in the dream.

We asked our clients why it’s so important to have striking images, and the answer surprised us as-well.

Not only we strive to be second to none, our imagery is no difference

First my client see that I invest in him with the best photography there is, when the photographer spend a day or two photographing their home.

It reflects on me as a professional and industry leader,

The client shows those images to all his friends and colleagues which eventually knows by word of mouth that I am the right person for the job.

Magazines and other clients come to us for those photos making our clients visible and desirable.

Ultimately I look on the bigger picture, you might not be able to buy “this one” but you will be drawn to those photos and eventually to my website only to find your dream here with me.

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