The difference between an architectural to an interior design photographer

As a Destination Architectural and Interior Design Photographer working in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas I am often getting asked what are the differences between Architectural to Interior Design Photographer.

First of all there is no difference as there’s no really separation between booth genre.

Exterior and Interior are definition for a type of space if we can define it like this, but not a photography occupation or genre.

It all starts and ends with an Architectural photographer but different photographers may specialize in different type of spaces, some may prefer to work with architects more than interior designers and vice-verse.

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Who is the right photographer for an Architect?

Architectural photographer would be the ideal choice for architects to be working with.

Who is the right photographer for an Interior Designer?

I believe the answer would still stay the same, as a space is a space no matter if it’s external of the property or the inside of it, however I would recommend always to check if the photographer is doing also interior photography work as some focus only on exterior projects like building, high-rises, commercial properties and etc.

Who is the right photographer for hotel?

While hotel photographer is usually an architectural photographer that specializes in hospitality and commercial photography, been a hotel photographer is a matter of a choice of client preference and not necessarily a type of profession.

With that said like our studio, we specialize working with hotels and resorts worldwide for many years and it might not be different than other architectural projects but looking for an experienced photographer in the hotel industry is always better.

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In conclusion interior or exterior, commercial or residential is a type of preference of the photographer and not a professional definition.

It is always best to check the body of work of the photographer and to see if he has the experience your are looking for.

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