Las Vegas Hotel Photographer

Velich Studio has been working in Las Vegas, NV region for over 10 years.

Well respected brands and hotels trust our work to advertise their world renowned Hotels and Resorts.

Our studio handles any size of project scope from fully branding your hotel to updating your portfolio.

What makes our studio special is the combination of award wining photography, small footprint, fast turnaround and hassle free work process.

When it comes to world renowned hospitality photography in Las Vegas you can find between our distinguished clients MGM Resorts, Aria Hotel and Casino, Tropicana Hotel and Casino and many more.

We are known for our small footprint due to our unique photography methods resulting small production equipment and fast photography workflows with zero compromises on the final result.

Our fast turnaround time for projects is always appreciated for hotel photography, you can expect up to 2 times faster turnaround time for your hotel and resort photos.

We have the experience in photographing rooms and suites, hotel exteriors, casinos, spas, pools, day and night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers and retail stores and venues.

As a leading Hotel and Resort photographer, we are also approved by MGM, Caesars and Hilton Photographers list, making sure you can work with in-house approved or in the system photographer

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