Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas
Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas

How to Photograph an up scale Restaurant

Photographing an high-end restaurant is not an easy task.

It requires lots of preparation and understanding of all the moving parts that makes a successful restaurant theses days.

How to plan a successful restaurant photoshoot:

Talking to the restaurant designer:

Depending on who is the client, working with a restaurant interior designer always requires seeing the floor plan layout and get the designer brief of the look and feel of the space.

Understanding the vibe and atmosphere is crucial for creating the right type of pictures that connects the culinary experience to the design.

After understanding the layout of the space, concept, design, and use of materials we can plan better the type of images, angles, and lighting for the photoshoot.

Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas
Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas

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Talking to the restaurant owner/chef

Beyond the design, a good restaurant always have a background story. The food, material, and history takes an important part of the type of images a high-end restaurant photographer requires to plan a successful photoshoot.

Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas
Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott Las Vegas

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Setting the schedule 

After understanding the design and culinary experience, the layout, and the theme, we will need to see what angles are best to deliver the story to the viewers and guests.

The majority of the restaurants are captured after closing when the space is clean and staged or several hours prior to opening. 

Capturing a restaurant depending on the size takes between 3-5 hours to produce those 5-8 impactful images.

Restaurant Photography

Every successful project starts with scouting the space. After we complied the shoot list we start with the main spaces that are the most complex to photography (typically the largest spaces)

Working with studio lighting crafting the direction of light is a key feature for impressive and impeccable photos.

Tip: It’s crucial to stage the restaurant to the smallest detail possible, as retouching 100 glasses, silverware or any other missing or wrong element is almost impossible or not cost-efficient.

Make sure your project is time proof removing any elements pointing on current times, like “sales” or “promotion” signs.


In post-production (editing) we will take dozens of images from each angle, crafting them together to bring all the details and atmosphere to a single polished images.

Leveraging photos to generate revenue: 

Every successful restaurant knows how to leverage those images to generate revenue! Revenue is the key work when a business uses a professional architectural and interior design photographer for their spaces.

It’s much more than Social media likes! Competitions, awards, publication, website, billboards, and advertising. All of these elements will fully utilize the benefits of high-end visuals.

In this project we had the pleasure working with Tandem Design, Tandem a world renowned hospitality interior design firm located in Las Vegas designed this upscale restaurant named Jade.

Jade is located at J.W Marriott in Summerlin, Las Vegas

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