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Modern Restaurant at Plano Dallas Renaissance Hotel

Restaurant Photographer

Velich Studio has been an interior design restaurant photographer for over 15 years around the world, and specific in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg Germany to the Nordics (Stockholm, Copenhagen, and more).

From fine dining restaurants, food chains, buffets, bars, and nightclubs we take your fine dining, food, and beverage photography one step forward.

“Culinary is much more than great food, It’s the design and atmosphere that provides the ultimate guest experience.”

Creating Experience with Pictures

Restaurants and Bars today are not only culinary experiences, they are also design experiences.

Photographing the experience, design, and combination of the food and drinks by a restaurant photographer will determine the shortlist of your customers and the choice between the thousands of local dining opportunities.

Our goal is to share the fine dining and environmental experience, the space design, and the atmosphere.

Capturing a space is not an easy task, we need to take many elements into consideration and combine them into a winning image.

As a restaurant photographer, my task is to understand the layout and design and work hand in hand with the designer and the store management to prepare for flawless execution.

How to prepare for Restaurant Photoshoot

First, we are scouting the space, making sure all organizations have been made as fixing this in post-production may not be possible later on.

After we decided on the angles and space we want to photograph and made sure everything is in order we can start capturing the space.

In order not to disturb the guest experience we capture the space several hours prior to opening or after closing.

It’s important to take into consideration the time it takes to prepare the space making sure everything is clean and in the right place.

removing any unnecessary elements to keep the space “visually clean” and appealing.

As most restaurants include many elements from different sitting arrangements, silverware, plating, condiments and glasses, and also multi-space design, we have to carefully plan the photo shoot.

Starting with the overall visuals of the space showcasing the layout and atmosphere.

Controlling the ambient light and carefully adding artificial light to embellish the texture, design, and materials.

Keeping a close eye on difficult objects such as stainless steel and glass.

After the main area, we move into other sections of the space. 

Maybe it’s the bar, private room, reception, and other adjacent areas.

Finally, we finish with the exterior image, trying to incorporate the environment and avoid distractions.

It’s crucial to have winning photos, after the huge financial investment in design, opening, and maintaining a restaurant you must make sure your visuals are appealing and inviting for the guest to immerse in the experience.

The reason why people dine outside

Believe it or not, people choose their dining space not only by great-looking food dishes but also and foremost by the design.

People can make their food at home or order delivery, it’s the visuals that impact the decision of going out to have an experience while enjoying great dishes. 

From Jade, Ninety 90 to Toucan Charlie’s Buffet & Grille and many more restaurants, bars, and fine dining our Photography experience, know-how, and expertise will translate into welcoming, high-end images that deliver results.

Working in the industry for many years allows us to help you sustain and grow your business, our knowledge of dining space photography is appreciated by many industry leaders.

We look forward to helping with your advertising, awards, competitions, and publication visual needs.

Feel free to consult with us on your local and nationwide projects.

Recent Projects

Jade at J.W Marriott, Ninety 90, Toucan Charlie’s Buffet & Grill, Hexx Kitchen.

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