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Kiton Retail Store in Las Vegas Photography

Retail Store Photographer

One of the things I learned when I first started in the retail store and commercial photography, working with the Ralph Lauren team was to take our clients to the next level,

Today it is more important than ever before to increase the customer visual experience.

“Million Dollar Lesson” about Photographing a Retail Store

Retail Store Photography is complex and requires technical expertise and knowledge.

What started with a statement to one of my first retail clients many years ago?

“I will make your store look like a million dollars” was answered with, “This was already costing us a million dollars, we want you to make it look like ten million dollars” This got me to be more creative with our interior design retail store photography,

Photographing in this field requires careful planning and execution.

Starting by understanding the store layout and creatively planning the shoots.

Working with the manager or designer to make sure that all the items in the store are organized by their planograms prior to starting the photoshoot.

We start with the main interior spaces, showing both directions and the overall offering.

Using artificial lighting will help create the missing details and highlight the products.

Photographing Watches and Jewellery Stores

When it comes to Jewellery and Watch Stores we often have to overcome many reflection obstacles and this is where our talent shines.

After capturing the main spaces, I move to the secondary areas such as department areas, consultation stations, and fitting rooms.

After we captured all the interior we moved to the most complex shoot which is the Exterior.

Retail Store Exterior Photography has many obstacles to overcome, and you might be familiar with them.

First, is the people traffic flowing in the street or the shopping center, we solve this by. stopping the traffic for a very short period capturing several images and then compositing them in post-production (editing)

The biggest of all is the reflection on the windows, yes those street lights, mall lights, and signs, and yes those competitor logos across.

Solving this has a few methods but don’t worry our photography experience and know-how will have the right solution for you.

Since I started in this industry niche 10 years ago I had the pleasure of working with booth interior designers, design firms, and small to large retailers all across the world specifically in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and the rest of the EU region.

Niches in Retail Store Photography  

The goal of the Retail Store photographer is to translate the design, experience, and products in the best light that will reflect the financial investment and creativity of the space and more importantly attract customers and reflect on the brand’s awareness. 

Over the years brands looking forward to a professional that specializes in the field and that’s why we are a perfect fit to be your visual partner. 

For Jewellery and Watch: We know how to tackle those reflections on your products.

For Apparel: We understand the importance of inventory, planograms, and order of the items. 

For Tech: We know how to make your product highlight and shine.

For Cosmetics:  We understand the importance of aesthetics and beauty.  

Over the years we had the pleasure of working with industry-leading brands from Louis Vuitton, Berluti, Kiton, Nautica, Victoria Secret, Balmain, Swatch, Ralph Laure, Bobbi Brown, Sacks Fifth Ave, Hugo Boss and Infinity, and many more worldwide.

We look forward to helping with your retail/concept store or any other commercial-designed environment interior and architectural visuals.

Feel free to consult with us about small, large, and nationwide projects as well.

Recent Projects

Balémage, Loewe, Camper, Balmain, Ralph Lauren, Feature, and many more.

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