Architectural Photography is not a form of art, it’s a form of translating the architects work into stunning images that sells.

Our studio specializes in booth residential and commercial architectural projects in New York and Las Vegas. 

From new construction, custom homes, community development, landscape architecture to commercial and hospitality architecture.

The goal of architectural photography is to create photos that sells, not only beautiful ones.

We take your work to the next level and creating the separation between you and the rest of the “pack”.

Ascaya - Luxury Club House
Ascaya - Luxury Club House

We are known for our ability to capture beautiful architectural images and connect it to the environment, booth in day time and twilight.

Depending on your needs and goals, we will capture the exterior booth in day and night, the elements of design and material, booth the exterior and the interior.

While many architects relay on renderings and sketches, theres nothing like showing the project in real life, empathizing the executing of the project, not just the vision.

It’s important to understand that now day, the competition is all around.

Stand out, as we only have several seconds to capture our potential client eye making us into their list.

We must understand that our clients do not understand the architecture, material, finishes, and quality. 

Our goal in professional architectural photography is to capture the attention of your potential client and create the emotion that will impact ultimately choosing you for their project.

Velich Studio has over 10 years experience, knowledge and the expertise worldwide from residential communities, semi to custom homes, luxury homes and developments too commercial and retail architecture.

As an Architectural Photographer, my goal is to help and consult, capture and produce impactful images that will help to deliver results for our clients from wining awards, getting published, generate brand awareness and help you sustain and grow your business with zero compromises on any scale and size of a project.

Every professional is relies on word of mouth, even so, your potential clients will review your work online and compare it to other recommendation they have received. 

Our studio could provide the competitive edge to position your work and business at the top of the industry visuals. 

We look forward to helping you shine, generate exposure, win awards, and lead your industry. 

Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home
Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home
Home Builder Model Home Exterior
Home Builder Model Home Exterior


Sun West Custom Homes (Villa Azul), SB Architects (Ascaya), Pinnacle Architects, Perelman Architects, SWABack (Ascaya Club House), CJ Hoogland, Lake Flato, B+A Architects, Novus Architecture, KTGY and more


Attached bellow you can see the overwhelming difference between a good architectural images on the left. (shoot as a single image at the same time)

And on the right our final architectural image that include over 100 exposures of ambient  light, artificial lighting and advance post production to create this award-wining photo that was published before millions of eyes.


Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home
Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home


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