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Retail Store Photography – Requests for Pricing (Free Template)

Today, more than ever we must provide the customer with an excellent customer experience when they come to our stores, part of this experience is the design and atmosphere of the space. 

Designed to the smallest details, to attract the consumer to purchase in person. and this Is the Retail Photographer assignment, to deliver high-end images that translate to “ I want this “ and “ I want to be there”.

You can find the RFP (Request for Pricing) Template that will benefit both you (the client) and the photographers towards the end of this article.

Remember the goal is to provide full detail about the scope of work and needs so that you can get an accurate and relevant quote that serves your needs.

So let’s review the details of this quote.

Table of Contents

Main Details

Company Name: Your company + brand name

Store Location: Address, City and Country.

Date for Photoshoot: Date or a Range

Recommended time: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Night, or All.

Retail Store photo / Shoot List

Time of the Day – Day, Night, or Both.

Orientation – 99% of shoots are done horizontally unless you have a need for vertical shots.

Directions – Any specific angle or direction that is important? If not leave it to us.

Exterior: This can be anywhere between 1-2 for high-end to 2-4 professional images. 

Interior: This can be anywhere between 4-6 depending on the store size, sections, and different designs through sections of the store.

Logistics / Floor Plans / Samples

Logistics: Will the store be open to the public or closed for the photoshoot, this can impact the overall time of the shoot and can be very difficult for commercial professionals that do complex work, I always recommend capturing a store after closing when the space is clean and prepared.

FloorPlans / Planograms: While it’s not a must, if you have any floor plan, rendering, planograms, or even mobile phone pictures of the store this would come in handy if you have specific needs for angles or want to explain better the layout of the space.

Samples: Sending current examples of previous work you are happy with and/or images that you want to have is always great for the photographer to better understand the style and more importantly the quality you are aiming for.


Studio Lighting: most commercial retail store photographers use some kind of additional lighting to embellish the direction of light, if in any case you don’t wish that additional lighting should be used, it’s important to mention this in advance. 

Note: lighting is key to creating a striking image.

Post-Production / Editing: Many professionals deliver full edited images as a basis of commercial work, but if you have any needs and or requirements this is the place to write about them.

Photo Delivery: Industry standards are 10-14 business days, while our in-house production can deliver most projects within 4-5 business days. Most vendors would provide high-resolution pictures (15 megapixels and above) in a JPEG format.

Photo License: depending on the scope of work you might want to have a general photo license, a limited 1-2 or 3-5 years none transferable, or a buyout option, each dictates the length and the usage of the photos, we recommend to have a not limited 3-5 years licenses not transferable to 3rd party this cover your usage for the ideal time and not carrying the costs of other vendors usage of the photos.


Budget: If you know your budget do share it with your vendor to save both you and them back and forward communication, even an up to or a range would be sufficient, however, if you want to test the market you can leave this open to the professional.

Those are the main key points for you to have a proper quote from a professional about capturing your project, you can download the template here, and can update it to your needs, always remember the more detail you provide the more accurate your wishes would be fulfilled. 

Have any questions or recommendations? We look forward to hearing from you.


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