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Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Everything you must know about Hotel Photography

One of the most interesting yet complex photography niches.

This may be considered the elite of commercial hospitality photography due to the impact and importance of properties brand and revenue creation.

Table of Contents

How to Prepare for Hotel Photography

It’s important to create a shoot list of all the rooms, suites, amenities, public, convention, entertainment, and retail space.

Consulting with an experienced hospitality photographer is crucial for the proper execution of the project.

We would be able to provide the time and how to capture the space based on your dynamic needs.

Creating a timeline for scouting and individual time for each space and allowing extra time for the working environment would be necessary for a flawless photo shoot.

Photo List

Rooms and Suites are priced per size and view, all room types and views need to be captured.

Think about your guest looking online and at your marketing materials, getting excited, and finding out that the room and/or views are not the same.

No matter if it’s a business or leisure trip, guests spend a lot of time researching their hotel rooms and building expectations before their travels.

The Impact of Hotel Photography on Revenue

Luxury property and major brands pay a lot of money for their visuals and they know why!

With competition around every corner, guests have a few seconds to choose from dozens of options at different prices, and brands, and statistics show that images have a huge impact on their decision-making.

We all know the saying is just the tip of the iceberg, as guests also spend on food, beverage, gambling, retail, spa, and much more.

Most people would choose the more expensive offering if they are more appealing.

How much time does it take to photograph a Hotel?

It depends on so many factors and mainly on the operation and logistics of the property. With that said, I will try to give some time frames.

Before we jump to the time estimate it is crucial to understand there are no tricks, the time equals budget, and you can capture a property in a day or two weeks, I highly suggest you recognize the opportunity to document properly and think about the impact of each 0.1% of guests choosing your property and not others.

Exterior: 1-5 day time and 1 twilight can take an average of a full working day.

Rooms: 2-3 per room should take an average of two hours while large suites can take an average of half of a day.

Amenities: 2-3 images of the pools, conventions, or other amenities can take an average of half a day depending on the size and sun direction or lighting needed.

Boutique Hotel: can take 2-5 days depending on the number of room types and amenities

Large and Luxury Properties: a luxury hotel that requires more traveling within the resort and more upscale and large spaces should take between 1-3 weeks depending on operations and logistics.

Hotel Photography Cost

Many key elements go towards pricing, property size, amount of space, and the photographer’s experience.

At the end of the day, you should take the 3-5 years you are going to use the images, multiply them by the number of spaces you offer, and divide it by the amount you pay, it does not matter if you pay 20k or 2k, it is still pennies for the long run.

An average Per day would cost around 4,000 to  8,000 euros / USD depending on the licensing and size of the project.

Per image structure would cost €500 / $600 – €1.200 / $1,300 depending on the number of images and licensing as well.

Per image is a great way, when you need complex shoots and need the flexibility of the vendor, you know no matter, how much time it takes them, you end up with those images.

Invest for the long run

The period for Hospitality images is typically 3-5 years.

Don’t forget your goal is to generate revenue and increase your booking rate with stunning photos that sell.

You should not do this just b because you have to, Your visuals hold many benefits like brand reputation, customer acquisition, and helping your guest’s fantasies on their upcoming vacation or business trip.

Yes, you read it right! people are not excited about a “room” they are excited about the experience, all of us have 4 walls a ceiling, and a window, it is about the whole process and the expectations.

So make sure you invest in the right type of professional who can create the right type of photos.

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