How to Choose the right Hotel and Resort Photographer 

Hotels and Resorts are around every coroner, major brands, boutique, and luxury hotels and even small hotels and motels in different size and pricing points. 

Hospitality Photography is a knowledge and experience based service that is done by an architectural photographer that specializes in hotel and resort photography.

Choosing the right hospitality photographer


First and foremost and experience.

Start by reading the about section at the hotel photographer website, see how much time they are in business and what hotels, resorts, and casinos they have worked with.

See if they have an existing relationships with major hotel brands that can imply prior research and approval by experts.

angled photos are the most hard to keep straight.

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It’s important to review their entire portfolio, they would need experience in photographing the hotel exterior and interior, rooms, amenities, public spaces, retail, entertainment and food, and beverage spaces as well. 

You are looking for a few key elements when reviewing photographers portfolio:

Diversity: Luxury hotels look amazing, see if the photographer has experience also with small hotels or motels and how their photos are looking.

If they nailed a small motel you can be sure they can stun your guests as well.

Check how many different projects they have that will show case the experience working with different hotels and ultimately projects and people. 

Photo quality: If you are getting excited from the photos and you think this is the level you expect for your hotel, review the entire portfolio and make sure there is consistency trough the entire portfolio from hotels to architecture and design.


Consult with them about your project, amount of photos, time frame and goals. 

Let them create a plan for your hotel photography based on our experience and guide them based on your needs and operation limitations.

Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby


Pricing changes between photographers, their experience and knowledge and the amount of work needed. 

While most hotels have a budget in mind, it’s important to share this information with the photographer to make sure he can recommend what is the best plan to meet your budget, timeframe, and need. 

Don’t lean on pricing solely, the price is minor to the result in revenue growth and sustainability as every hotel is proudly provide excellent service, their goal is to make sure your hotel will be the choice among all the others.

Create the requirements based on knowledge and not opinions:

We often get RFP and request to photograph hotel based on the opinion of a hotel personal.

While the hotel professional always knows what’s best for their property its crucial to advise on building the requirements based on the hotel photographer experience. 

Opinions are important but knowledge is what makes the difference, and experienced hospitality photographers could guide and recommend the number of images needed, the best way to execute them and how much time it will take based on reviewing previous hotel work and final results needed.

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Ultimately after understanding better what are your options and what you might need to take into consideration then send this RFP and requests to the appropriate applicants. 

Finally, its important to make sure they understand the scope of the work, limitation, timeframe, and result required, they should provide a history of hospitality portfolio work from different size and brand of hotels and resorts and build a plan that would work for your hotel while keeping or improving the existing visuals.

Qualifying your Photographer:

Based on the recommendations your photographers provide and also the questions they are asking you should see if they can provide added value and not only beautiful photos. 

It is important to have an engaging professional, we know it’s a hassle to do back and forth Q&A but it is important that they understand the scope and goal of your project and will also provide an added value based on their experience.

Remember those recommendations are based on experience and knowledge and are not meant to “lead the way” or going against your needs, Be open to them and create a dialog for a successful photoshoot. 

Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
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