Behind the Scenes of Architectural Photographer

Architecture Before and After

Architectural Photographers’ job is to produce impactful images after the completion of a project. Often I hear the phrase “ It looks like a million dollars “, while it’s our job to make the photos impeccable and glamorous it is not always the case. While luxury homes and buildings can cost to build millions of […]

Photography tips for Architects

Ascaya Inspiration Luxury Home

Before we jump about how to improve your pictures let’s understand the goal. First – Documenting the project Second – Leveraging the images to create the interaction of the client motivating them into a “call to action” and hiring you is our ultimate goal. You should always aim to create those gut feelings of your […]

Architectural Photography vs Architectural Rendering

Twilight Architectural Photo of Ascaya Luxury Development Insperation Home

Today more than ever we create stunning visuals better or at the level of renderings. With that said rendering are now a part of every architect, designer, and developer’s life as they can showcase future development and build prior to the photography phase. So what are the benefits and disadvantages of each and most importantly […]

5 Tips to Improve your Architectural Photography

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Architectural Photography is a fascinating and technical world.  If you are an Architect, a Photographer, or a vendor in our industry here are a few tips to take your images to the next level. Table of Contents How to Avoid Lens’s Distortions in Architecture One of the basic and most important things in our industry […]