Hotel Photography Pricing

Luxury Hotel Photographer - Modern Villa

When it comes to Hospitality (Hotels and Resorts) there are many elements that ultimately will determine the final price. There are few main methods to estimate a job and I will try to review them in this article. Have in mind that what you are paying for is not just photos, you are paying for […]

Hotel Photography Guidelines

Paris Hotel and Casino

You probably know that the impact of great imagery goes a long way and impacts brand awareness, marketing efforts, and ultimately revenue. That is why only a few vendors are trusted by brands when it comes to capturing their properties. In this article, I am going to review some Hotel Photography Guidelines for Hoteliers and […]

Hotel Photography Packages

Hotel Photography Packages

When it comes to Hospitality Photography there are few methods to price the work both from the photographers and the hotel side. In this article, I will review the options available the advantages and disadvantages. Table of Contents Scope of work First, we must understand the scope of work for the project. Are we capturing […]