Architectural Photographer Salary

Working as an Architectural Photographer is very rewarding both professionally, financially, and artistically.

We are often asking how much money can make or what salary we can expect.

It’s important to know that like every professional you are measured based on experience, knowledge, and ability to capture amazing imagery that sells the work of your client. 

There is no certain amount of compensation you can make and it depends on your ability to market your business and the size and scale of the project you take. 

Before we move to talk about numbers you need to understand that like a doctor or a lawyer you have to start by learning the profession and establish your reputation in order to move up the list of our industry. 

What impact the salary of an Architecture Photographer?

This will break down into several elements, it’s important to understand them because they ultimately impact the amount of money and compensation you can earn.

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As we have talked about in the intro to this article experience matters, you are starting with little to no experience meaning you are exploring and developing your technique with different types of spaces. 

Like a lawyer and a doctor that learn 7 years before they even finish their degree, then comes another 3 years of specializing in a specific type of work.

This is the time when you work on cycles of doing the work, improving, and repeating the process with every job you get. 

Rates starting at 300-500 euro/USD for half a day are reasonable when starting out. 

When you finish the first year and got the experience of working with a different type of clients and your getting booked more and more it’s when you are already a professional individual that focuses on the art of our industry.

Typically the rates go towards 500-1000 euro/USD for half to a full photography day.

Best Architecture Photographer 

There is no such thing as the “best architectural photographer” as each one of us bring different experiences and style. 

This is the time to note that we are not just measured by stunning pictures, but more about how they translate to sales for our clients. 

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but if they don’t see they are just words and our clients like us don’t buy with words in the supermarket. 

Rates of more established AF range from 1,000-5,000 euro/USD for half to a full day.

Famous Architectural Photographer

Again being famous is always good, as it means people, clients, and the media are noticing you and your work. 

But again it’s important to know that the value for our clients combines our experience, knowledge, and ability to create impactful pictures that sell their work and get them the recognition they need for their hard work.

Photo Licensing 

As a reward for creating amazing imagery, we usually license our photos to other clients that didn’t initially commission us for the original creation of the imagery. 

This can be an additional compensation of 20%-50% of the original rate if booked prior to the shoot or 100%-200% after the job has been completed.


Impacting the rates/price/salary is what you deliver to the client as a final product. 

Some photographers work a 6 hours full day and some 8-10. 

Some Deliver 6-8 pictures per day and some will deliver 10-20. 

As you have probably noticed this reflects 40%-100% on overall work time and image delivery (and post-production).

Full Price / Salary List


Beginners – 300-600€

Experienced – 500-1,200€

Experts – 1,500-5,000€ 

based on 6-8 hours work day on average


Beginners – 4,000€

Experienced – 7,000€

Experts – 14,000€ 

based on 8 photoshoots per month (average)


It all depends on you, as a business owner you will have to maintain your clients and build your business, experience, and style.