Architecture Twilight Photography of Luxury Home in Europe

Best Architecture Photos

As an Architectural Photographer, It’s been an amazing year for us.

We traveled for you across the world to capture your amazing projects.

It’s time to see some epic imagery you voted through social media and publications to be the best architectural photos. So without further ado.

Cloud Chaser 13

One of the most iconic modern architecture Inspiration Home in the luxury development of Ascaya.

The picture was planned for the right time the sun is about to rotate around the house and create a glamour look and depth.

We also wanted to include the clouds, after all, we said it’s called cloud chasers.

Project Details:

Architects: SB Architects

Developer: Ascaya, Represented by Ivan Sher.

Photography: Shay Velich


Redefining Hospitality Living.

One of the most interesting projects because the owners wanted to live in a resort-style home.

The architect-designed a 3-story home with only one master suite and another villa located in the backyard (in the picture) for guests to enjoy the same experience.

We planned this shoot for the sun to enhance the details of the tropical, summer vibe feeling.

Showcasing the outdoor, pool and hint to the suites was our ultimate goal in the combination of the resort-style landscaping.

Project Details:

Architects: assemblageSTUDIO

Photography: Shay Velich


While you might think this property is located in Hawaii,  we had an amazing sunset to empower this shoot. 

The angle to feature the unique triangle/shipshape of the property.

We included the palms in the frame to enhance the in-to-out tropical feeling. 

With some artificial lighting and some magic, we created these powerful hero dusk pictures.

Project Details:

Photography: Shay Velich

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

No introduction is needed to one of the best hotels in the world.

Capturing this unique design space is very complex, we wanted to bring an angle that was not seen before and innovate with a unique twilight shoot with a long exposure of guests traveling in and out of the property.

Project Details:

Architects: Friedmutter Group (executive architect); Arquitectonica

Developer: Blackstone Group.

Photography: Shay Velich

Villa Azure

Spread over 2,000 meters, this single-family home is the ultimate luxury home with one of the biggest private home pools in the world.

We chose the lower angle to empower the property, the roundabout was meant to show the size and landscape and mountains surrounding the home. 

While the sun worked to our advantage we needed some supplemental light to enhance the details in the shadows.

Project Details:

Architects: SWCH

Photography: Shay Velich