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Farmhouse Kitchen

Farm House Interior Design

Fram House Design is returning big time

Today the two most desirable interior design trends are modern design and farmhouse design.

It’s important not to get confused as the Farmhouse design is a modern twist for the past old-style material in today’s modern time.

The trend picked up a few years ago due to the famous duo Chip and Joanna Gaines from the TV show Fixer upper and other TV design teams reusing and re-purposing the old.

What is a Farm House Design

In the older days mainly in the USA, most of the houses were based on wood or/and ship-lap booth in and out, with the modern design taken in, the interior was covered by drywall to clear the house from wood and wood patterns.

As the Retro modern design trend came back, you could tare down the drywall and reclaim the wood in old houses, today design comes into play with wood and look-alike wood finishes all over the house and apartments giving the look-alike of older wood homes.

Kitchens are getting beautiful wood craftsmanship and embellish, custom cabinetry, vanities, and in every aspect of the furniture and color scheme.

Farm House Home Design
Farm House Home Design

Do you need a special farmhouse interior designer?

You might want to seek an interior designer that has experience in designing farmhouse-based homes, but every interior designer would be able to design this project.

More than that a more modern designer would be able to give a unique touch of design to your retro concept.

Photographing Farm House Interior Design

When It comes to the interior design images, it’s important to remember that the design is more warm and welcoming, this should come into fruition with correct lighting and enhancement of the craftsmanship.

Here are some of our recent photos from the project we photographed for Designer Jane Cunningham from Room Resolutions in the USA, which specializes in Kitchen design and especially in Retro and Farm House Design homes and kitchens.

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