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Before and After Interior Design Photographer

Behind the Scenes of Interior Design Photographer

While traveling both in the US, Europe, and the Middle East to photograph interiors I want to take you this time on a journey behind the scenes of interior design photography.

So let’s have a peek at the before and after.

Photographing Dark Wood and Overcoming the Exterior Light

While it is a small dining area, we have many difficult elements to capture.

First the big difference in ambient light inside vs. the strong sunlight on the terrace.

The wood shinny label reflects all the light from the windows and also absorbs light, which makes it very difficult to capture.

Using over 50 images with different ambient and artificial lighting, I crafted each element (wood, fabric, mirror, and walls) with different angles of light, to create a more welcoming image with true colors and atmosphere.

How to Photograph a room with Big Windows

Yet a difficult space for photography due to multiple sections in an open layout living room.

While we have floor-to-ceiling windows the light angle does not shine in to lift up the ambiance in the room.

Imitating the direction of light using studio lighting helped us to overcome the absorbing wood ceiling, shinny concrete floor, and wall finishes.

Also, the fireplace was not yet connected and it was a very important feature (an also expensive one) with must show.

In the end, crafting the direction of light using artificial lighting helped us create all the shadows and details in the elements of design.

Photographing a Kitchen and persevering the Colors.

This kitchen is huge, while I photographed another shoot of the entire kitchen, in this image I wanted to focus on the dual sitting area and the bar behind with the stainless steel ceiling art feature.

I also included a small peak to the left coercer showing there is another island and in the right corner to show the adjusted living room.

The complex shoot included the cloudy day sunlight (blue hue) and the tungsten interior light (yellow) which takes the color of the white island and gray chairs.

Eliminating the light both from the interior and exterior allowed me to bring back the true original colors of the marital and atmosphere.

Photographing Master Bedroom with a View

A cloudy day with some sunshine was not enough to light this huge master suite viewing the Las Vegas Valley.

As we work year-round, I wanted to showcase the sunny Vegas atmosphere and poor some light into the room imitating sunlight at a better angle.

As the interior furniture is black, it often does not absorb light which requires to use mirror technique of light to create the shine on the surface.

Adding blue to the sky, creating a warmer tone and light direction helped create this striking image.

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