Approved Hilton Hotels Photographer

Hilton Approved Hotel Photographer

Welcome to the world of Hospitality.

You might be looking for a Hospitality photographer in Europe and the Middle East or in specific a Hilton-approved one, so you can to the right place, it is great meeting you.

Velich Studio is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer specializing in hotels and resorts.

We understand the importance for you to work with both professional, experienced, and approved vendors. And we appreciate and are happy to be included in the honorable Hilton Approved photographers.

Impact of Hotel Photography on the Successes of Hotels

It is much more than just amazing images, the right type will impact your brand, awareness, and revenue through thousands of viewing points by potential guests.

Our work is a technical and knowledge-based profession aiming to generate impactful visuals that generate a return on investment, capture the eye of your guests and impact the emotion of ” I want this “.

After many years in the industry working with leading brands and companies, we are proud to be your preferred partner and be included in many other approved vendor lists for industry-leading brands. 

Preparation: Successful photoshoot always starts with proper research and preparation,

We look forward to contributions from our experience and knowledge. Consulting through the process from the planning stage.

Understanding the needs: We first communicate with you to understand the initial needs, project scope, amount of space, images needed, and also the timeframe.

What to Expect

Before starting we scout the project and the spaces with the client.

After scouting we go directly to work, Capturing the best angels to provide your guests with the ultimate vision for their stay.

Each image creation can take about 30-60 min. We carefully craft the light to create impactful images.

Not your average images: There is no point to create average pictures as your guests have several seconds to be captured by your visuals prior to making a decision, this is why high-end visuals are important to accomplish the job.

Post Production / Editing: Editing in-house gives us full control over the final result.

It also helps us bring you a fast turnaround, to provide you with the visuals faster than most of the industry with zero compromises on the quality.

One of the things that make our studio special is our global availability on a monthly basis in major Europe and Middle East cities and destinations.

No matter if you are opening, re-branding, or seeking to update your images. our studio is available for your needs.

Why work with Us

The peace of mind that corporate trust our reputation and experience.

Our studio is approved to work with any Hilton property including Luxury brands.

Think Global

With international experience in the US, Europe, and the Middle East we bring to the table proven results, making sure you are not only working with an approved vendor but also keeping up with the hospitality advertising photography trends.

Our studio is also recognized by other leading brands such as Hilton, between our clients you can find MGM Resorts, Aria, Atlantis, Monarch, Tropicana, and many other leading brands.

We take pride in our reputation and recognition and we look forward to providing you with amazing service.

Complementary Consultation

Have a Hilton, Conrad, or any Hotel and Resort project upcoming soon and need solid advice?

We are happy to offer a complementary session to better understand your needs and provide an initial plan, timeline, and recommendation about logistics and operational needs.

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