Hilton Approved Hotel Photographer

Velich Studio is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer specializing in Hotel and Resort Photography worldwide.

We understand the importance for marketing directors and managers of working with approved photographers trough their company and we are glad to be an apart of Hilton Approved photographers.

One of the things that makes our studio special is our global availability on a monthly basis in the United States, Canada and Europe,

No matter if you are opening or re-branding a new hotel and resort, or seeking to update your hotel photography with new photos our studio is available for your needs.

Why working with Hilton Approved Hotel Photographer

The peace of mind that corporate trust and know’s our reputation, photography and customer care standards.

Our studio is approved to work with any Hilton property including the Luxury brands.

Why working with International Hotel Photographer

Hotel photographer that has international experience in hospitality photography brings to the table the experience and proven results of hospitality photography, making sure you are not only working with approved photographer but you also keep up with the hospitality advertising photography trends.

Our studio is also recognized by other leading brands as Hilton, between our clients you can find MGM resorts, Aria Hotel and Casino, Atlantis Resort, Monarch Casino, Tropicana Hotel and Casino and many other leading brands as Hilton.

We take pride in our reputation and recognition and we look forward serving you best.

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