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Luxury Hotel Photographer capture Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Loby

Munich Hotel Photographer

Our studio handles any size of the project. from full branding and rebranding your property and resort to updating your portfolio for renovation and/or new additions.

Velich Studio has been working in Germany and the European region for over 10 years.

The hospitality industry is led by the quality of visuals. Some may argue that is due to the high profit they generate. But this is not the reason why they invest in their imagery.

Each potential guest holds a significant amount of impact on your profitability. As we all know, guest investment in their vacation and/or business trip does not end with spending on the rooms, it is just the beginning.

Choosing the Right Professional: To capture your property visuals is crucial. 

Like us, your vendor must have extensive experience in architectural, interior design, and hotel photography.

They must know how to tackle complex and fast paste working environments, which is a key component for the overall success of the project.

The Process of Hotel Photography

We start by understanding the scope of work and your needs. Reviewing past work will help us to improve your visuals to lead your industry.

After understanding the needs, a number of visuals, spaces, and timelines we offer our consultation and advise how to maximize your needs and time.

On location, we start by scouting the space with you, reviewing the image list, and finding the best angels to represent your space.

Set up cordless studio lighting to embellish the details that make your design prominent.

We capture all aspects of our industry from the property exterior to interior and amenities, restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres, and other services you may offer.

Photo delivery

Our all-inclusive services include in-house post-production, editing, and retouching services.

Leading the industry in turn-around image delivery with zero compromises on the quality and results.

We typically deliver between 5-12 business days depending on the scope of work.

We understand that time is money.

We are known for our small footprint due to the unique methods we developed throughout the year, resulting in minimal equipment and fast production workflows with zero compromises on the final result.

We always put your guests at the top of our minds and do not interfere with their guest experience.

Not sure what is your visual needs?: We would be more than happy to provide consultation and guidance on how many visuals, the order, and other important details are crucial for a successful production.

Leverage Our Experience 

Our strength is our experience working nationally and internationally serving leading brands.

How to better plan your Photoshoot: Planning is crucial. It’s important to make a list of all spaces you need to capture and understand how many visuals you need from each space.

We recommend a minimum of 3 images per room and 4-to 5 for suites, villas, and penthouses.

After that, you need to calculate how many different views each room you have.

You need to capture each room and its views to make sure you don’t disappoint any arriving guests.

After that you need to understand the timeline available to capture those spaces, do you need some time-of-the-day views? meaning all images are to be captured at dusk or daytime? will the rooms be available during those times?

How to Save Money on Hotel Photography

Great planning saves time and costs when it comes to photography.

  • Try to. create a schedule with your photographer allowing time to move between rooms and amenities and maximizing all parties’ time.
  • Take into consideration your guest experience and create a timeline to work around them.
  • We suggest capturing rooms between turnovers or after check-in time for vacant rooms.
  • Luxury suites can be photographed based on availability to avoid any shortage for your guests.
  • Pools are usually captured prior to opening and Bars and Restaurants are prior to opening or after closing.
  • Casinos and other high-traffic areas are usually done in the middle of the night to avoid any interference from your guests.
  • Post-Production and Editing: We cover all scope of editing and post-production work to make sure your visuals are top-notch.

Our in-house production allows us full control and fast delivery time.

Why Us?

What makes our studio special is the combination of award-winning imagery, a small footprint, fast turnaround, and a hassle-free work process.

When it comes to world-renowned hospitality photography in Germany you can find between our distinguished international clients J.W Marriott, MGM Resorts, Aria, Tropicana, and many more.

Fast Turnaround: Our fast turnaround time for projects is always appreciated, you can expect up to 2 times faster turnaround time than industry standards.

Our terms are simple in order to save you time and money on never-ending requests for pricing.

We are also approved and trusted by MGM, Caesars, and Hilton vendors list, making sure you can work with an in-house approved vendor.

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