Restaurant Photographer

Modern Restaurant at Plano Dallas Renaissance Hotel

Velich Studio has been an interior design restaurant photographer for over 15 years around the world, and specific in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg Germany to the Nordics (Stockholm, Copenhagen, and more). From fine dining restaurants, food chains, buffets, bars, and nightclubs we take your fine dining, food, and beverage photography one step forward. “Culinary is […]

Retail Store Photographer

Kiton Retail Store in Las Vegas Photography

One of the things I learned when I first started in the retail store and commercial photography, working with the Ralph Lauren team was to take our clients to the next level, Today it is more important than ever before to increase the customer visual experience. “Million Dollar Lesson” about Photographing a Retail Store Retail […]

Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle Luxury Home Photoshoot

Our studio specializes in Lifestyle and Advertising Photography for the Hospitality, Automotive, Marine, and Leasure industries worldwide and specifically in Germany, France, Italy, and Europe. We provide a full range of services that includes production management. Lifestyle Photography A key part of any advertising and marketing campaign.  Every space needs both interior design and lifestyle […]

Hotel and Resort Photographer

Paris Hotel and Casino

At Velich Studio we have years of experience in Hospitality, and Lifestyle Photography around the world, from Germany, and Switzerland to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and many more desired hospitality destinations across Europe and the Middle East. “Our marketing partners working hard enough, Our studio provides all-inclusive services that allow them to keep their schedule and […]

Interior Design Photographer

Ultra Modern Luxury Villa Master Bedroom

Our studio has been specializing in Interior and Interior Design Photography worldwide and in Europe and the Middle East Region for over 12 years, From Interior Design, Model Homes, and Inspiration Homes to Hotels, Resorts, and Commercial and Retail spaces. Creating beautiful images for interiors is not enough in this competitive industry. Documenting your work […]

Architectural Photographer

Los Angeles Luxury Custom Home

It’s not just a form of art, it’s a way to translate images to consumer behavior actions, that sell your work. This article will include everything you wanted and need to know about architectural photography, but before we start here is a little about me. I have been working for over 12 years across international […]