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Aria Hotel and Casino Double Queen Suite

What you need to know before Photographing Luxury Hotel

When it comes to Hotel Photography time is money.

We understand that every hour that the space that has been captured is not available for your guests and players, you may be losing a lot of business.

Hotel Photographers who have the experience and know-how will have the tools to accomplish the complicated task of capturing the hotel, amenities, rooms, suites, villas, and penthouses.

When is the right time to photograph your hotel suites?

When we are talking about premium hotel rooms, we need to take into consideration two elements, availability and the need.

The Need: is based on the environment and similar look to the other room visuals.

For example, in Las Vegas, we often photograph the hotel rooms and suites at dusk (twilight) to accommodate the glowing view of the famous Las Vegas strip where you can see the premium views of the premium rooms view.

In Berlin or Hamburg, we most probably will photograph the rooms in the daytime to showcase the cityscape with the famous skyline.

It’s important to share a similar look of the time of the day to keep the consistency throughout the entire portfolio, it is more natural to the eye to compare rooms shot at the same time of the day.


When it comes to the premium rooms, they are most of the time unique and there are not as many rooms as the regular room offerings.

We know that you might reserve the room for a VIP guest or even a high-roller and it’s not only about the room cost, it’s about how much they spend with you each time they are visiting.

It’s important to communicate with your photographer about the room size, uniqueness, and layout to prepare for a quick, yet professional photo shoot based on your time and needs.

Luxury Hotel Photographer

The right type of professional for this task is an architectural photographer who specializes In hotels and resorts.

What Type of Pictures you must-have for your Hotel

Many properties do not differentiate between regular rooms and luxury suites in terms of image count. We highly recommend allowing the guest to be immersed in the images and connect them to the gut feeling of “I want this”.

We recommend having 4-8 images depending on the size of the suite/villas/penthouse.

Images should include 1-2 of the Living room, each of the bedrooms, each of the bathrooms, the dining area, and or kitchen/wet bar.

How much time does it take to Photograph Hotel Room?

A single image requires about 30 minutes to professionally capture on average. And more upscale twilight may take up to 60-90 min.

There’s always the option to use the skill and experience of your professional to capture on location in a faster-paced method and then composite the photo in post-production which will shift 50% of the photography time to post-production.

This is less recommended when you have the time to capture the room without time limitation (within reason)

Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)
Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Why should you photograph Hotel Suites that are not on your website?

It’s important to give your guests and clients the ultimate experience, Even they, would like to be excited about their stay and most luxury hotels do have offline portfolios of their premium rooms.

Premium clients want the same as every other client just more, so. is important to have an offline portfolio of all the room types you have.

The fact that you “comp” or “give away” a room that is not accessible to other guests, does not mean you don’t need images to be able to share, send, and show to your guests to get them excited, especially when those VIP saw them all.

Improve your booking and customer acquisition

Believe it or not, the better your pictures are the more clients you acquire.

It is the snowball effect, a good client who is excited to see your photos will commit and book with you, and after he arrives the pictures should translate the same experience as in reality.

Your customer will recognize all of the offerings and amenities from your online portfolio.

You won’t believe the amount of mental planning of your customers and setting that expectation via photos (real ones) will help your customer to be more invested in your property.

Don’t forget to capture all the amenities, restaurants, casinos, retail, and entertainment opportunities.

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