Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Interior Photography for Hotels and Resorts

Photographing Hotels and Resorts can greatly impact your profitability. Capturing the Design, use of space, and incorporating the feeling of “ I want it to “ is important for your potential guests.

I will try to review the key components important to capturing based on my experience as a hotel and resort photographer.

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Hotel Rooms Photography The Missed Opportunity 

Often we see properties using the same visuals for the similar type of rooms and/or views.

From a consumer standpoint, it’s crucial we capture each type of room (studio, queen, king) and also the difference between the room views (city, mountain, lake, pool and etc).

This will allow you to set the exact expectation when your guests arrive, the last thing you want them to be amazed by is a different view or room set up as they were planning and getting excited based on your online visuals.

Also, the number of pictures is important, don’t forget your guests are researching and building their expectations, let them get excited even online while providing at least 3 pictures per regular room.

Photos should include: bedroom, bathroom, room amenities.

Luxury Hotel Photographer capture Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby
Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Lobby

Suite and Luxury Rooms

When you pay more, you want to get more.

Help your guests get excited and make the right choice of choosing you.

Luxury rooms need to be pristine and reflect the price difference between your regular rooms and the competitors as well and not only the “size” difference.

Photos should include Each one of the bedrooms, each of the bathrooms, living room, dining room, and other amenities you are charging for.

A minimum of 5 images is expected to deliver the basic luxury experience.

TIP: don’t forget to incorporate the views if there are any, don’t include visuals of the external (out of the room) amenities associated with this room, as people may think it is part of their in-room experience.

Food and Beverage

Culinary is a big part of our daily life, hotel experience, and revenue generator.

Photographing the entrance, sitting, bar, and other design elements is important in our days, it’s a big part of your guest experience when it comes to booking their stay.


The amenities are an important part of the guest experience, pools, spas, gym, lobby and other sections in your hotel reflect the use of space, design, and offerings.

Make sure you keep those pictures updated often as you can.

Casino Photography

Capturing a Casino is not an easy task, we need to find the right balance between capturing high-end visuals and minimizing the disturbance to your players.

We recommend doing the casino floor by sections and in the early hours of the night (2-6 am).

We often do this by blocking a small section of the casino that provides enough information needed. Another option that does not require blocking the casino is compositing a complex photo by dividing the space into sections.

This is done by waiting many hours for players to rotate between tables and machines and then compositing this in post-production.

Conference and Convention Centre

Companies are always looking to offer the desired location for their events, shows, conventions, and trade shows.

Although most of the spaces are built by a production company to fit each event, it’s important to showcase the design, layout, use of space, and the experience that is waiting for their attendees.

It will also allow the convention designers to use your images to create the floor plan, design, and production.

Entertainment Spaces

Entertainment spaces can be a great accommodation for your guest’s stay and also a revenue generator for your hotel and resort.

The design and layout are a part of the experience, make sure you capture stunning images of the space.

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