Hamburger Hotelfotograf

Renaissance Hotel Plano Dallas Exterior

Velich Studio arbeitet seit über 10 Jahren in der Region Deutschland. Angesehene Marken und Hotels vertrauen unserer Arbeit, um ihre weltbekannten Hotels und Resorts zu bewerben. Unser Studio bearbeitet Projekte jeder Größe. vom vollständigen Branding und Rebranding Ihrer Immobilie und Ihres Resorts bis hin zur Aktualisierung Ihres Portfolios für Renovierungen und/oder Neuzugänge. Die Hotelbranche ist […]

Hamburg Architectural Photographer

Hillside Guest Bedroom

Hamburger Architekturfotograf Velich Studio is a European International Photography Studio located in Germany and Serves the Hamburg and metro area for the past several years. Our studio is known for our ability to tackle any size of the project promptly, From Luxury Development, Custom Homes, Architectural and Interior Design Projects, Hotels, Retail Stores, Shopping centers, […]

Increase your Hotel Booking and Revenue with Creatives

Aria Hotel and Casino Luxury Sky Villa Suites

In the last decades before technology and the master of hospitality photography has evolved, beautiful architectural images were enough to describe a space. Today in our competitive market, hotels and resorts are looking to refine their visuals and to translate into revenue maker. Our industry in perspective to others require high-knowledge in architectural photography, interior […]

Interior Photography for Hotels and Resorts

Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Photographing Hotels and Resorts can greatly impact your profitability. Capturing the Design, use of space, and incorporating the feeling of “ I want it to “ is important for your potential guests. I will try to review the key components important to capturing based on my experience as a hotel and resort photographer. Table of […]

What you need to know before Photographing Luxury Hotel

Aria Hotel and Casino Double Queen Suite

When it comes to Hotel Photography time is money. We understand that every hour that the space that has been captured is not available for your guests and players, you may be losing a lot of business. Hotel Photographers who have the experience and know-how will have the tools to accomplish the complicated task of […]

How to choose the right Hotel and Resort Photographer

High End Luxury Hotel Photography

Congratulations, you just finished building a brand new property or renovated one, this is the most fun and exciting element, it also greatly impact your brand awareness, revenue, and marketing efforts. Choosing wisely will impact many aspects of your business and marketing effort in the competitive world of hospitality. So how can you make the […]

Behind The Scenes of Berlin Apartment Interior Photoshoot

Berlin, Germany Loft Living Room

It’s not your average Berlin, Germany Luxury Apartment. The owners flew their interior designers from the middle east to design their modern yet retro loft. I started my day meeting “Liat Hayut” the interior designer on the project and her clients. After scouting and understanding the scope of work, I planned the shoots Having in […]

Berlin, Germany Hotel Photographer

Luxury Hotel Photographer - Modern Luxury Lobby

Berlin is the capital and chief urban center of Germany. We have been working and earning the trust of leading brands and companies in Berlin, and other known hospitality destinations like Frankfurt, Hamburg, and international markets for over 10 years with our ability to produce impactful pictures that sell in a timely manner. Impacting Customer […]