Architectural Photographer Shay Velich is specialize in Architecture photography for Architects, Hotels, Resorts, Developers and Luxury Real Estate leaders across the US.

Been a leading Architect, Developer or Hotel in 2018 require top architectural photographs as a part of the architectural image.

Architectural Photographer Velich Studio work hand in hand with industry leaders to create unique, appealing and eye catching architectural photography.

Creating world renowned architecture, from custom homes to lavish resorts take months and year’s into planing and building, you’r architectural photographer needs to put this into works, show and feature the work, design and planing.

From daylight to twilight photos we elevate your brand and help you acquire the client and leads you deserve.

If you are looking for an Architectural Photographer in Las Vegas or Architectural Photographer in Los Angeles / Orange County, We look forward earning your business one photo at a time.