Using social media to leverage your interior design business

By research small business are spending 4 hours a week to promote their business, yes it includes all our industry and including architects, designers and even us the interior photographers.

While in our days spending this time on social media is a fact, I want you to hold your chairs tight, as when you do the numbers of 52 weeks X 4H / 9 hour working day you get to a mind blowing number of 23 working days!

Yes, an average of 23 working days equivalent of social media time to promote your business on social, so it’s time to take matter to your own hands and use your time wisely.

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The best way to promote and market your design business on social media

One of the key things is time management, and as a destination architectural and interior design photographer I do have to take every bit of time in to consideration.

As Facebook owns Instagram there are many integrations between them to allow a faster working methods.

Start by uploading your photo to instagram, have a great description for your post, be informative, interesting and always finish with an engagement question, use the less common hashtags you can.

Now if you haven’t done it already connect your facebook page and account to Instagram trough the settings.

When you upload your photo to instagram you can now choose to automatically upload it to your story, facebook page and profile, saving you doing so manually.

Go quickly to your post on Facebook and delete those hash tags to give your followers the feeling you upload it and not just pasted it from Instagram.

Think like a client not like a professional

One of common mistakes is when professionals think about marketing their business taking in mind what their colleague would say.

Our goal is always to advertise to potential and past clients about our work, not to impress colleagues.

No matter if you are in New York, Los Angeles or Dubai all professional have one thing in common.

Visuality comes prior to knowledge, meaning your architectural and interior design photographer should have your visuals the same or better than you first competitor.

People start their exploration for professionals as yourself by getting exposure to a single image for several seconds.

Your reputation, experience and knowledge would come in play after you captured your viewer eye, made him fall in love in your product or service and then explore more about who you are and what you do.

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