Starting an Architectural Photography Business

Starting a business can be challenging, to say the least, you want to open your architecture photographer or real estate photography business? You need to determine several elements like who is your target audience, pricing, service, and products. Table of Contents Basic Business Plan Before you start any business you need to have a basic […]

10 Architectural Photography Marketing Tips for Beginners

One of the most exciting photography filed out there, if you are just starting as an Architectural Photographer and you are looking for some tips to start marketing your business stay tuned. Table of Contents Build Your Portfolio The first thing you need to understand is that the perfect portfolio is a marathon and not […]

10 Best Lens for Architecture Photography

If you are an Architectural Photographer or looking to get into the business, the lens is the butter on the camera bread. In this article, I am going to review the top 10 lenses for architectural photography it’s important to know that you can shoot architecture with almost every lens, but the most important thing […]

Top common mistakes in architectural photography

Modern Dining Room with Producer Chairs

Professional architectural photographer work is a complex, creative, and technically oriented profession. Value We don’t say one photo is worth 1,000 words for no reason, as it should reflect the creator’s (architect/designer) hard work which sometimes includes thousands of hours in labor, creativity, and supervision. Keep it simple, while you can create complex imagery including […]

Secrets for Shooting Incredible Architecture Photography

Ascaya - Luxury Club House

Architecture Photography is in high demand and combines technical skills and creativity. Working with architects, designers, and companies that provide services to the industry requires the delivery of impactful imagery that outstands the rest. Here are several secrets behind the scenes for shooting amazing architectural pictures. Table of Contents Sell the Experience, not the Art […]

Architecture Photographer Full Photo List

Ready for an architecture photoshoot? That’s amazing, Before you start your production day, Here are a few guidelines and tips for the shoot to make sure you both get the maximum out of your images. So before we get to the photo list here are a few things to have in mind prior to starting […]

Retail Store Photography Preparation List

Kenzo Retail Store in Las Vegas Photographer

Ready for your retail store architectural and interior photoshoot? That’s amazing,  But wait before you book an architectural photographer or a photographer that accepts a project.  Here are a few guidelines and a preparation list for the shoot to make sure you both get the maximum out of your images. Table of Contents Planing A […]

Retail Store Photography – Requests for Pricing (Free Template)

Today, more than ever we must provide the customer with an excellent customer experience when they come to our stores, part of this experience is the design and atmosphere of the space. Designed to the smallest details, to attract the consumer to purchase in person. and this Is the Retail Photographer assignment, to deliver high-end […]

Architecture and Interior Photography Camera and Lenses You must have

Architecture Photographer Gear

Architectural and Interior Photography Cameras and Lenses do I use. Very often I am been asked about the gear and equipment that I use for my Architectural and Interior Design Photography. This is the place to state that architectural photography is a technicality-oriented and experience-based niche and the gear is taking a very minor part, […]

Hamburg Architectural Photographer

Hillside Guest Bedroom

Hamburger Architekturfotograf Velich Studio is a European International Photography Studio located in Germany and Serves the Hamburg and metro area for the past several years. Our studio is known for our ability to tackle any size of the project promptly, From Luxury Development, Custom Homes, Architectural and Interior Design Projects, Hotels, Retail Stores, Shopping centers, […]

Berlin Architectural Photographer

Telemundo Las Vegas Offices

Berliner Architekturfotograf Velich Studio has been working in Berlin, Germany, and the metro area for several years and was established by architectural photographer Shay Velich. Our studio is known for our international experience and our to tackle any size of project promptly, From Luxury Development, New Construction, Architectural and Interior Design Projects, Hotels, Retail Stores, […]

Hotel Photography Mistakes That Beginners Should not fall for

New York Hotel and Casino Guest Reception and Services

When it comes to Hotel and Resort Photographer job, there are many elements to consider beyond amazing photos that sell the space. First, you need to come to the understanding that pictures that sell are what matters and not “creative artistic ones”. This is a technical profession, that requires attention to detail, specializing in architecture […]