Hotel Photography Pricing

Luxury Hotel Photographer - Modern Villa

When it comes to Hospitality (Hotels and Resorts) there are many elements that ultimately will determine the final price. There are few main methods to estimate a job and I will try to review them in this article. Have in mind that what you are paying for is not just photos, you are paying for […]

Hotel Photography Guidelines

Paris Hotel and Casino

You probably know that the impact of great imagery goes a long way and impacts brand awareness, marketing efforts, and ultimately revenue. That is why only a few vendors are trusted by brands when it comes to capturing their properties. In this article, I am going to review some Hotel Photography Guidelines for Hoteliers and […]

Hotel Photography Packages

Hotel Photography Packages

When it comes to Hospitality Photography there are few methods to price the work both from the photographers and the hotel side. In this article, I will review the options available the advantages and disadvantages. Table of Contents Scope of work First, we must understand the scope of work for the project. Are we capturing […]

Hotel Photography Tips you Must know

Bellagio Hotel and Casino King Suite

Our job is not only to create beautiful images but the right type of images that sells the property and the experience of hospitality and leisure. The key to success for hotel photography is planning and executing in a timely manner. So here are a few tips to help you dive into the world of […]

Interior Photography for Hotels and Resorts

Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

Photographing Hotels and Resorts can greatly impact your profitability. Capturing the Design, use of space, and incorporating the feeling of “ I want it to “ is important for your potential guests. I will try to review the key components important to capturing based on my experience as a hotel and resort photographer. Table of […]

What you need to know before Photographing Luxury Hotel

Aria Hotel and Casino Double Queen Suite

When it comes to Hotel Photography time is money. We understand that every hour that the space that has been captured is not available for your guests and players, you may be losing a lot of business. Hotel Photographers who have the experience and know-how will have the tools to accomplish the complicated task of […]

Pricing for Commerical Photography

Modern Luxury Home Office

Pricing is a very broad subject and it varies between photographers based on their experience, knowledge, results, and type of work. Before we dive into pricing and licensing, it’s important that you do the right comparison between vendors when evaluating one, based on their bodies of work, experience, and abilities. Table of Contents Which photography […]

How to photograph an upscale restaurant

Jade Restaurant in J.W Marriott

The exciting job of capturing a restaurant includes many elements of architecture, design, consumer experience, and leisure. We no longer focus on just the space, but we must take into consideration that food and beverage and be done in any space including your home, its crucial to include all the elements that take people out […]

How to choose the right Hotel and Resort Photographer

High End Luxury Hotel Photography

Congratulations, you just finished building a brand new property or renovated one, this is the most fun and exciting element, it also greatly impact your brand awareness, revenue, and marketing efforts. Choosing wisely will impact many aspects of your business and marketing effort in the competitive world of hospitality. So how can you make the […]

Everything you must know about Hotel Photography

Waldorf Astoria Residential Suite (former Mandarin Oriental)

One of the most interesting yet complex photography niches. This may be considered the elite of commercial hospitality photography due to the impact and importance of properties brand and revenue creation. Table of Contents How to Prepare for Hotel Photography It’s important to create a shoot list of all the rooms, suites, amenities, public, convention, […]

Retail Store Photographer in Europe

Feature Retail Store Photography at Wynn Plaza Las Vegas

It’s been over 15 years since I photographed my first store professionally. What then started as a statement  “I will make it look like a million dollars” was answered with “the store already cost us more than a million dollars”. This leads me to better understand the impact of pictures on the industry. While online […]

How to differentiate yourself as interior designer with Photos

Home Builder Model Home Master Bedroom Interior

Table of Contents Braking the Boundaries as Interior Designer When I first met “D”. An interior designer, I was astonished to see her work, she specializes in traditional and farmhouse design, with a touch of zen and a modernist sophistication. One of the things she first asked me after reviewing my work is how she […]