Starting an Architectural Photography Business

Starting a business can be challenging, to say the least, you want to open your architecture photographer or real estate photography business? You need to determine several elements like who is your target audience, pricing, service, and products. Table of Contents Basic Business Plan Before you start any business you need to have a basic […]

10 Best Lens for Architecture Photography

If you are an Architectural Photographer or looking to get into the business, the lens is the butter on the camera bread. In this article, I am going to review the top 10 lenses for architectural photography it’s important to know that you can shoot architecture with almost every lens, but the most important thing […]

Best Architecture Photos

Architecture Twilight Photography of Luxury Home in Europe

As an Architectural Photographer, It’s been an amazing year for us. We traveled for you across the world to capture your amazing projects. It’s time to see some epic imagery you voted through social media and publications to be the best architectural photos. So without further ado. Cloud Chaser 13 One of the most iconic […]

How to Create an Architect Portfolio (Full Guide)

Ascaya Inspiration Luxury Home

So you want to create up your portfolio or organize it to take the full potential of your work, I want to share with you my experience as an architecture photographer and commercial image consultant on how to create, organize and feature your portfolio to maximize the impact on your clients. Table of Contents Portfolio […]

Secrets for Shooting Incredible Architecture Photography

Ascaya - Luxury Club House

Architecture Photography is in high demand and combines technical skills and creativity. Working with architects, designers, and companies that provide services to the industry requires the delivery of impactful imagery that outstands the rest. Here are several secrets behind the scenes for shooting amazing architectural pictures. Table of Contents Sell the Experience, not the Art […]

Architecture Photography Contract (Free Template)

Being an Architectural Photographer is much more than being an artist, it’s a business. As a business, both you and your client have obligations and responsibilities. So first of all before we dive into contracting I have a few disclaimers and thoughts. The first of all them is that I am not a lawyer and […]

Europe Architectural Photographer

Ascaya Inspiration Luxury Home

Velich Studio has been working across Europe markets for the past 10 years. Our studio is known for destination photography expertise and our ability to tackle any size of project in a timely manner. From Hotels, Retail Stores, New Development, Custom Homes, Architectural and Interior Design Projects, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, and Entertainment spaces. Our Photography […]

Pricing for Commerical Photography

Modern Luxury Home Office

Pricing is a very broad subject and it varies between photographers based on their experience, knowledge, results, and type of work. Before we dive into pricing and licensing, it’s important that you do the right comparison between vendors when evaluating one, based on their bodies of work, experience, and abilities. Table of Contents Which photography […]

Photography tips for Architects

Ascaya Inspiration Luxury Home

Before we jump about how to improve your pictures let’s understand the goal. First – Documenting the project Second – Leveraging the images to create the interaction of the client motivating them into a “call to action” and hiring you is our ultimate goal. You should always aim to create those gut feelings of your […]

Architectural Photography vs Architectural Rendering

Twilight Architectural Photo of Ascaya Luxury Development Insperation Home

Today more than ever we create stunning visuals better or at the level of renderings. With that said rendering are now a part of every architect, designer, and developer’s life as they can showcase future development and build prior to the photography phase. So what are the benefits and disadvantages of each and most importantly […]

What to know before hiring Architectural Photographer

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Choosing the right architectural photographer impact greatly about your business and brand. It translates hard-working time, creation, and execution of your project in a manner that translates to results. Here are a few things you might want to consider when hiring a professional for your next project. Table of Contents   Much more than beautiful […]

5 Tips to Improve your Architectural Photography

Ascaya Luxury Modern Custom Inspiration Home

Architectural Photography is a fascinating and technical world.  If you are an Architect, a Photographer, or a vendor in our industry here are a few tips to take your images to the next level. Table of Contents How to Avoid Lens’s Distortions in Architecture One of the basic and most important things in our industry […]