Hotel Fotograf

Aria Hotel and Casino Suite Living Room

Eine der komplexesten und aufregendsten Arbeiten eines Hotelfotografen ist das Fotografieren eines Hotels und Resorts. Das Fotografieren von Hotels erfordert Erfahrung und Wissen, um das Gästeerlebnis in Sekunden festzuhalten. Zweck des Hotelfotografen Um schöne, aber die richtige Art von Bildern einzufangen, die dem Gast das Erlebnis verkaufen, wo immer er sie findet. Am Ende des […]

Hotel Photographer

The Cosmopolitan - Luxury Hotel

One of the most complex and exciting works of hospitality photographers is photographing a hotel and resort. Photographing hotels require experience and knowledge to capture the guest experience in seconds. Table of Contents Understanding the Job of a Hotel Photographer It’s all about understanding the purpose of “images that sell”. To capture beautiful, but the […]

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Renaissance Hotel Plano Dallas Exterior

Velich Studio arbeitet seit über 10 Jahren in der Region Deutschland. Angesehene Marken und Hotels vertrauen unserer Arbeit, um ihre weltbekannten Hotels und Resorts zu bewerben. Unser Studio bearbeitet Projekte jeder Größe. vom vollständigen Branding und Rebranding Ihrer Immobilie und Ihres Resorts bis hin zur Aktualisierung Ihres Portfolios für Renovierungen und/oder Neuzugänge. Die Hotelbranche ist […]

Hotel Photography Mistakes That Beginners Should not fall for

New York Hotel and Casino Guest Reception and Services

When it comes to Hotel and Resort Photographer job, there are many elements to consider beyond amazing photos that sell the space. First, you need to come to the understanding that pictures that sell are what matters and not “creative artistic ones”. This is a technical profession, that requires attention to detail, specializing in architecture […]

Hotel Photography Guidelines

Paris Hotel and Casino

You probably know that the impact of great imagery goes a long way and impacts brand awareness, marketing efforts, and ultimately revenue. That is why only a few vendors are trusted by brands when it comes to capturing their properties. In this article, I am going to review some Hotel Photography Guidelines for Hoteliers and […]

Hotel Photography Packages

Hotel Photography Packages

When it comes to Hospitality Photography there are few methods to price the work both from the photographers and the hotel side. In this article, I will review the options available the advantages and disadvantages. Table of Contents Scope of work First, we must understand the scope of work for the project. Are we capturing […]

How to choose the right Hotel and Resort Photographer

High End Luxury Hotel Photography

Congratulations, you just finished building a brand new property or renovated one, this is the most fun and exciting element, it also greatly impact your brand awareness, revenue, and marketing efforts. Choosing wisely will impact many aspects of your business and marketing effort in the competitive world of hospitality. So how can you make the […]

Hilton Approved Hotel Photographer

Approved Hilton Hotels Photographer

Welcome to the world of Hospitality. You might be looking for a Hospitality photographer in Europe and the Middle East or in specific a Hilton-approved one, so you can to the right place, it is great meeting you. Velich Studio is an Architectural and Interior Design Photographer specializing in hotels and resorts. We understand the […]

Munich Hotel Photographer

Luxury Hotel Photographer capture Light Fixture Chandelier In Hotel Loby

Our studio handles any size of the project. from full branding and rebranding your property and resort to updating your portfolio for renovation and/or new additions. Velich Studio has been working in Germany and the European region for over 10 years. The hospitality industry is led by the quality of visuals. Some may argue that […]

Hotel and Resort Photographer

Paris Hotel and Casino

At Velich Studio we have years of experience in Hospitality, and Lifestyle Photography around the world, from Germany, and France to Denmark, Sweden, and many more desired hospitality destinations across Europe and the Middle East. “Our marketing partners working hard enough, Our studio provides all-inclusive services that allow them to keep their schedule and let […]